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Hello, fighters, My name is Priya Dorge and I am a creator of CargoFighter. Here at CargoFighter, we’re completely devoted to improving your fighting skills. I dreamed to make this place an ultimate source of information that pack with all my knowledge and experience.


Priya Dorge | Boxing Enthusiast

I start gaining interest in boxing from the very beginning of my life.

Ever since my childhood, I used to spend lots of hours in front of the television watching boxing matches and was always curious to know and learn more things about boxing in general.

Although coding was always my first priority but I entered the boxing field just out of my curiosity and interest. I always love to explore new topics but I think computers and outdoor sports really define me completely.

senior editor at cargofighter

Ken Adams | Senior Editor

Our editor, Ken is a lay practitioner of kickboxing and played Muay Thai for almost 6 years.

He is a registered gym trainer by day and a lifelong student of nature who lives to help other people to improve their overall life both in terms of physical and mental health.

Ken also has a great experience in writing and loves to spend his free time playing with his two little cats or exploring swimming at the cove in San Diego.

Our Goal with CargoFighter

We really wanted to create a strong resource for everyone who wanted to get started with martial arts. Here you can get all sorts of information related to all the popular martial arts in terms of their different fighting techniques, training, workouts, diet, and much more.

I wanted to use my knowledge and all the experience we have as a team in the best possible way by helping enthusiastic people like you around the world.

Along with answering your queries about sports, I will also try to include buying guides here so you can choose the best gears for yourself that fulfill help maximize your training efforts.

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