Are Boxing Shoes Necessary? (The Ultimate Guide 2022)

If you have just started boxing at your local gym for the sake of fitness and you are confused about whether or not you should invest in a piece of different equipment like gloves and boxing shoes, here’s my detailed guide for you:

So, Are Boxing Shoes Necessary?

As a whole, boxing shoes are necessary and serve many important purposes in terms of performance as well as safety. Boxing shoes are designed to be sturdy yet lightweight which helps you to enhance your footwork techniques while reducing the potential chances of an ankle injury.

In this guide, I’ll dig deep into the various aspects of boxing boots and why having a good pair is essential for any beginner boxer:

Are Boxing Shoes Worth It?

As a general rule, boxing shoes are considered one of the most crucial aspects of training. A good pair of shoes not only delivers you flexibility and good balance but also offers you better traction while providing the required support to your ankles.

Here’re some of the key benefits of Boxing Shoes:

1. Design of Boxing Shoes

Boxing shoes are specially designed footwear and quite different from your standard sports shoes. The major factor that differentiates these shoes from other types of sportswear is their upper part, which is relatively higher and covers up your entire ankle.

Along with that, Boxing shoes come with very soft and narrow-designed soles made up of either rubber or elastic material. They allow you to take a nice grip on the ground and reduce the chances of severe injuries.

These tweaks in the design matter because the main purpose of boxing shoes is to provide maximum support and protection throughout the fight or workout session while enabling your feet for faster movements.

2. Very LightWeight

Considering the importance of quick response, boxing shoes definitely provide you with an edge over other forms of footwear.

I am not going to explain to you how bulky and heavy shoes can restrict your flexibility and negatively affect your performance. That’s why almost all boxing boots are designed to be lightweight in nature.

They not only provide impressive agility in order to move quickly around the ring but also allow you to save your energy and train harder with more power.

That’s the reason why I always say: A good pair of boxing shoes are one of the must-have boxing gear, especially if you want to be quick on your feet and not get tired just after your first round.

3. Sweat Protection

This is another very crucial aspect of boxing shoes that is often overlooked by beginner boxers. Personally, I don’t like wet feet and socks at all and thus prefer mostly a pair of shoes with the right amount of meshing and air holes for better air circulation.

Most modern boxing shoes come with ample sweat protection and provides plenty of breathability in order to swiftly evaporate the sweat and protect your feet from dirt while working out.

4. Highly Comfortable

Other than the actual design of the shoes, most of the modern shoes that are intended for boxers also get a layer of thermal regulating mesh from the inside that provides you with an extra amount of comfort and safety.

You already know the role of footwork and how it can affect the outcome of any boxing match. By wearing lightweight and highly comfortable shoes, you’re essentially allowing yourself to focus more on the technique itself rather than unnecessary distractions.

Although, you might find boxing shoes a little different and maybe a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but as soon as the break-in period is over, your feet are going to be blessed with the most comfortable and reliable pair of athletic shoes.

5. More Sturdier

Most of the boxing shoes are made from either high-quality leather or suede material. Using such quality materials ensures the durability of the shoes while keeping them as lightweight as possible.

That’s the reason why boxing shoes are not only able to improve the flexibility in your ankles and support but also help you with your posture, balance, and muscle coordination.

6. Better Ankle Support

Ankle injuries are quite common in boxing than you think. Unlike normal sports shoes, the elevated top on the boxing shoes offers great ankle support and reduces the chances of injury during pivoting and faster-shifting movements.

types of boxing shoes

As per the different requirements of the boxers, boxing boots come in high-top, mid-top, and low-top versions. High-top shoes provide you the most amount of support whereas low-top shoes are mostly preferred for workouts and speed boxing.

No matter what kind of boxing shoes you pick for yourself, it is going to provide you with solid protection against injuries as compared to other types of shoes.

7. Proper Traction

It does not matter how many hours you spend on improving your footwork if the traction produces between feet and mat slows you down and you won’t be able to get the most out of your footwork technique.

The lower side of the boxing shoes comes with a thin gum-like rubber sole that offers you the appropriate amount of traction that doesn’t hold your feet too firmly on the mat and allows you to exercise more efficiently and safely.

Along with that, the sole thread of the boxing boots is designed with slightly raised lines of rubber material which enable you to move your feet around freely without making any compromise on the grip.

Basically, by taking a pair of boxing shoes, you’re avoiding the decision between your protection vs. your flexibility and performance in the ring while helping you to increase your confidence level in your fitness.

What Are the Best Budget Boxing Shoes for Beginners?

A thrifty shopper always knows how to find a sweet balance between cost and performance, where you get the most amount value for your money.

No doubt, having a bigger budget helps you to buy a really awesome pair of boxing shoes that will take care of all your concerns, but having a smaller budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality.

If you’re a beginner and just getting serious about boxing, I personally recommend you to go with these elite boxing shoes by Venum. These shoes are made from 100% synthetic material with a rubber outsole that provides you with amazing stability and grip on the boxing mat.

In addition to that, this pair of shoes is designed in such a way that it becomes very easy for you to clean, wash, and dry them after your training session. This not only makes them last longer but also helps you to avoid bad odor.

Note: Venum shoe sizing is half-size larger than the standard US sizing. So, if you normally wear size 9 shoes, you should order the size of 8.5.

FAQs Related to Boxing Shoes

Are Boxing Shoes Flat?

As a general rule, boxing shoes always come with a flat sole instead of arch support. Having a flat sole helps boxers to get better traction during pivoting and sliding movements without being vulnerable to potential injuries.

How Long Do Boxing Shoes Last?

On average, boxing shoes last for around 6 to 8 months depending on the frequency of use. Boxing shoes are intended to use only inside gyms and using them on a hard surface for outdoor activities can significantly reduce their life span.

Are Boxing Shoes Good for Running?

As a general rule, boxing shoes should not be used for running because they are usually lightweight and designed to use on indoor platforms. On the other hand, running shoes are made of relatively stronger material and comes with extra padding that absorbs high-impact shocks and avoids potential injuries. (Source)

Can You Wear Normal Shoes for Boxing?

You can wear normal sports shoes for boxing if you’re just training for the sake of fitness and to condition your body. Having a good pair of boxing shoes does help you throughout the training but any athletic shoes can also do the work.

Do you Wear Socks with Boxing Shoes?

You can wear socks with boxing shoes to avoid heavy sweating. Although boxing shoes come with enough breathability but wearing socks reduces your cleaning efforts and make your shoes last longer.

Can Boxers Fight Without Shoes?

Boxers can fight barefoot without wearing any shoes, especially if you’re doing some light pad work or bag punching. A good pair of boxing shoes offer you better support and grip while improving your stance by allowing free movements without neglecting your safety.

With that Said:

Final Thoughts on Boxing Shoes:

I hope you understand how various aspects of boxing shoes offer you great value in terms of both performance as well as your safety.

Wearing a good pair of boxing shoes definitely provides you with a nice competitive edge and allows you to deliver most of yourself during the fight. If you find this article helpful, make sure you check out my other helpful resources listed below!

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