4 Best Boxing Gloves Under 100 Dollars (Reviews 2023)

Lots of boxing gloves cost less than $100, but it’s hard to find a cheap one that doesn’t totally suck. After searching and testing with more than 32 different pairs of boxing gloves, here are the best of the best you can buy in 2023.

My Favorite

Fairtex Microfibre Boxing Gloves Image

Fairtex Microfibre BGV Boxing Gloves

Double-stitched secure fit geniune leather boxing gloves with ergonomic design, comfortable and durable enough to take some abuse in the intense training.

These Fairtex BGV boxing gloves available in 10-16 Oz sizes, are the best boxing gloves under $100 because it has a fully adjustable hook and loop closure system paired with top-quality premium and genuine leather.

I’ve been using these Fairtex Microfiber Leather Gloves for about a month now, and honestly, I’m really impressed with their performance.

It offers maximum protection to my hands and knuckles, thanks to its new pattern design of foam padding. With an added double-stitched secure fit, these bad boys do help you to maximize your punching power and get the most out of your training.

This is a versatile and multipurpose handmade pair of boxing gloves made in Thailand, which can more than capable to withstand the impacts of intense boxing training or sparring sessions.

Plus Points:

  • Fully adjustable hook and loop closure
  • Mid to Compact Profile with Comfortable Finger Compartment
  • Breathable Mesh Lining on Palm
  • Handmade Gloves with Authentic Leather
  • Consistent Foam Padding Across the Whole Knuckle Area

Few Downsides:

  • Takes little time to break in

Overall, these Fairtext Microfiber Boxing Gloves are the perfect boxing gear for your training that maintains a great balance between size, power, durability, and support. While it won’t be enough for professional boxers but provides excellent value to beginner and intermediate boxers.

Runner Up

Top King Super Air Leather Boxing Gloves Image

Top King Super Air Leather Boxing Gloves

Durable & breathable leather boxing gloves for perfect for any martial artist. Suitable for training and sparring with secure fitting, multilayer padding, and great hand protection.

Top King Super Air is an exceptional pair of boxing gloves – they are very comfortable to wear, the padding is quite thick, and of course, a wide and secure wrist strap is a plus here.

The ventilation holes given on the palm let the air flow through the gloves keeping my hands cool and dry, even during intense and sweaty sparring sessions.

Even the stitching is very nice, tight, and sturdy. These bad boys are made from high-quality cowhide leather, which is unexpectedly soft and supple.

I’ve never had any problems with the gloves slipping or moving around while I’m trying out these gloves. The only place where this Super Air model falls short of my top pick is Quality craftsmanship. Other than this, it has no major flaws.

Plus Points:

  • Multi-layered foam padding for great hand protection
  • I didn’t feel any discomfort when I tried hitting the bag.
  • The wraparound closure system is good.
  • Perfectly Suitable for Training and Sparring

Few Downsides:

  • Synthetic Leather is Used
  • Slightly narrow thumb

Overall, I’m very happy with these Top King Super Air Breathable Leather Gloves. They’re well-made, comfortable, and breathable. I would strongly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new pair of boxing gloves under $100. You won’t regret it!

Also Great

Hayabusa s4 Boxing Gloves Image

Hayabusa S4 Leather Boxing Gloves

With the perfect blend of comfort, protection, and durability, these premium leather boxing gloves are great for any level of boxer.

To be honest, I am personally quite impressed with the flexibility and overall comfortable feel of these Hayabusa S4 gloves. Although these gloves are my former top choice for this guide but it’s one of the most durable gloves on this list.

Thanks to its quality construction, dense padding, and affordable price, this pair of gloves is one of the best values for beginner boxers.

The best thing about these gloves is, they come with a pre-curved natural fit, which not only provides protection to my knuckles but also offers a pretty nice and secure wrist support without compromising on speed and power.

Although this pair comes with a single-strap velcro closure system which is not as secure and flexible as wraparound closure, but it does provide more convenience while putting on and taking off the gloves.

Plus Points:

  • Genuine leather with High-Quality Stitching for Durability
  • Multi-layer Padding nicely absorbs the impact
  • Comes with a pre-curved natural fit design

Few Downsides:

  • Only single-strap velcro closure

After practicing for more than 27 hours over the period of the last couple of weeks in these Hayabusa S4 genuine leather boxing gloves – and seeing the full range of qualities and capabilities it has, I am convinced these gloves definitely will not let you down!

Budget Friendly

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves Image

Venum Elite Boxing Gloves

Discover your true potential with these homemade and reliable Venum Elite boxing glove’s clean mesh panel, triple density foam padding, and unrivaled shock absorption Mechanism.

If you’re a little tight on your budget and still looking to get a quality pair of boxing gloves, I recommend you these Venum Elite boxing gloves which are designed specifically for beginner boxers in mind.

It comes with an updated mesh palm that prevents the gloves from getting sweaty during your training. Along with a large velcro enclosure, soft and lightweight foam is used here that offers adequate cushioning to my hands and makes them easy to put on and take off in the gym.

Although the handling is not that great as compared to the main pick but overall this pair of gloves is ideal for bag work, striking workouts, and fitness boxing.

Plus Points:

  • Flexible, Supportive, and Comfortable
  • Quality mesh palm that prevents sweat buildup
  • Fully-attached thumb design for extra safety

Few Downsides:

  • May not be the top choice for intermediate boxers
  • Durability may be a Concern

Combine all of that with these Venum Elite boxing gloves’ other strong upsides like the fully-attached thumb, and excellent shock absorption with triple-density foam, you’re getting very nice value for your money!

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Who This is For:

Hello Buddy! Whether you’re entering the ring for the first time or want to refine your boxing skills, these gloves will be your tried and tested options on your journey toward mastering the sweet science. They offer you comfort, support, and required protection to unleash your potential with every punch.

Boxing Gloves Size For Men:

  • 6 to 8 oz Gloves for Under 100 Pounds
  • 8 to 12 oz Gloves for 100-150 Pounds
  • 12 to 16 oz Gloves for 150-175 Pounds
  • 16+ oz Gloves for Over 175 Pounds

Boxing Gloves Size for Women:

  • 10 oz Gloves for 100-125 Pounds
  • 12 oz Gloves for 125-150 Pounds
  • 14 oz Gloves for Over 150 Pounds

How I Picked and Tested These Boxing Gloves

There are many capable and several quality pairs of boxing gloves available in the market. Whatever type of gloves you aspire for, here are the criteria that I feel matter most in making a selection:

Craftsmanship and Durability

No matter what are the different features a specific glove has, if it’s not durable enough to withstand reasonably intense boxing training, I didn’t consider it.

Closure System

Even though I was looking for under-budget boxing gloves, I still do not compromise on the closure system. I was looking for a mechanism that is easy to use and keeps the gloves secure on my hands during my training or bouts.

That’s why I choose the velcro strap closures over the lace-up closure here because it offers convenience and easy adjustability which is good for beginner boxers in most of the training sessions.

Padding Protection

The padding inside the gloves is an important criterion when buying any kind of boxing glove. It not spread out the impact of our punches but also prevent injuries in the knuckle area.

Although, it was hard to find well-padded and secure boxing gloves in the budget of $100, but my top pick does perform quite well in this part as compared to other gloves.

Breathability and Ventilation

There is no doubt, ventilation is one of the important factors when choosing any pair of boxing gloves. Good ventilation not only makes us comfortable but also prevents unpleasant smells and the growth of bacteria.

That’s why I ended up choosing those gloves that were either made from a mesh material or have some kind of moisture-wicking linings that prevents the glove from getting sweaty during workouts.

Final Thoughts on Best Boxing Gloves Under 100 Dollars

At the last, I would strongly recommend you to go with Fairtex Microfiber boxing gloves due to their excellent craftsmanship, premium quality material, and overall versatility.

BUT: If you’re an absolute beginner and want to save some bucks by compromising a little on the quality, Hayabusa S4 leather boxing gloves would be a more suitable option for you.

So, Which boxing gloves do you like the most?

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