Venum Impact Boxing Gloves Review 2023 (Honest Opinion)

venum impact boxing gloves review

My Takeaway: Venum Impact boxing gloves are made out of multi-layer foam combined with a high-quality velcro strap to provide great support. It comes with a unique design and attached thumb with a mid to compact profile for comfortable hand position and wide punching surface area.

  • Tripple-Density Foam nicely Molded with Exterior Casing
  • Standard Velcro closure across the wrist for Enhanced Stability
  • Integrated Carbon Faux Material for Better Durability
  • Nicely Reinforced & Consistent Stitching for Heavy Use
  • Gloves Size: 8 Oz to 16 Oz
  • Gloves Type: Training + Sparring
  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Best For: Beginner + Intermediate Players

Venum is a large MMA and boxing company that making some bold moves in the industry. They recently launched their pro boxing line through which they are trying to target their customers with specific needs and requirements.

I had tried their hammer as well as the Venum shield gloves series and I was kind of curious to see how these impact gloves would perform and they did not disappoint me. In fact, this is one of my favorite pairs of boxing gloves under $100.

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves Review 2023 (Honest Opinion)


  • Mid to Compact Profile with Comfortable Finger Compartment
  • Pretty good & Wide Punching Surface
  • PU-Attacked Thumb Placement for Natural Hand Position
  • Very Unique and Stylish Design
  • Consistent Multi-layer Foam Across Your Whole Fist


  • Synthetic leather is Used instead of Genuine Leather

My Personal Experience

At the heart of any product review is the user experience, and to be honest, these Venum Impact Boxing Gloves garner high praise from the boxing community.

As an avid boxing enthusiast myself, I recently had the opportunity to try out this amazing pair of Venum Impact boxing gloves, and I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by their performance.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve put these gloves through rigorous training sessions, sparring matches, and heavy bag workouts to truly test their capabilities.

What I Truly Liked about these Gloves:

  • The first thing that stood out to me was the glove’s exceptional comfort and fit. The inner lining is soft and snug, providing a cozy feel to my hands.
  • The adjustable strap around the wrist allowed me to customize the fit according to my preference, ensuring that the gloves stayed securely in place during intense workouts.
  • I think I must commend Venum for crafting gloves that seem to be built to last. Despite subjecting them to countless punches, the stitching held up well and the high-quality synthetic leather construction showed minimal signs of wear and tear.
  • The padding in these gloves is also exceptional. It not only enhances safety during training but also reduces the risk of injuries over time.

What I Didn’t Like about these Gloves:

  • Break-in Period: When I first started using the gloves, I noticed that they felt a bit stiff. It took a few training sessions to break them in properly and achieve that perfect mold in my hand.
  • Ventilation: While the gloves are comfortable, improved ventilation would be a welcome addition to ensure breathability and keep my hands dry, especially for intense training sessions.

Overall, my experience with the Venum Impact boxing gloves has been largely positive and I am happy with them.

Not just me, but most users applaud the gloves for their comfortable fit, excellent wrist support, and durability. Many have reported a noticeable improvement in their punching technique and power after using these gloves regularly.

They offer a comfortable fit, excellent impact absorption, and durability, all at a reasonable price point, which I think is a good reason to at least try them on.

Venum Impact Boxing Gloves Review: Complete Breakdown

Let’s dig deep into the amazing pair of boxing gloves by Venum:

Material (4.1 / 5.0)

These new Impact series boxing gloves come with synthetic leather but they do have a nice and soft touch. It feels like a kind of satiny texture, which I really like compared to other synthetic material gloves I’ve used before.

It comes with a standard medium-size grip bar and PU-attached thumb placement for a more natural and comfortable hand position.

You can see there are enough ventilated holes on the palm and thumb area along with a mesh on the grip bar that takes care of the breathability and keeps these bad boys fresh.

Along with that, you have a standard polyester nylon material from the inside that automatically wicks away the moisture. It would be great If they used a little bit of softer material there instead of straight polyester nylon.

But: honestly, this is not a huge deal, especially considering the price point of these gloves and the fact that it has nothing to do with your performance in any way.

Similar to some of their premium models, these gloves come with multi-layer foam, which is also a reason why I brought these gloves in the first place. They also integrate some faux carbon fiber material here which enhances the overall durability of these gloves.

Design (4.4 / 5.0)

To be honest, these gloves absolutely rock in this section, and that’s why they deserve a such high rating. Personally, I like more compact-looking gloves instead of those that come with super long and wide cuffs.

These gloves have a mid to compact profile with nice-looking graphics all over the place. Although I am really not a big fan of huge graphics but it’s actually looking pretty good on my gray-colored camouflage gloves.

The finger compartment also has a pretty good width. I mean my fingers are not wiggling each other nor has it left any extra room there. I definitely give them credit for this.

Along with that:

A pretty standard velcro closure is given here that opens on the inner part of the wrist. It gravely crosses over your arms and keeps everything in place while providing great support to your wrist.

It has a rubberized logo patch that is properly stitched on top. Aside from the actual padding that they use around the wrist area, they also roll it over the palm area to make an upside-down “U” shape for better looks as well as protection.

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Craftsmanship (4.1 / 5.0)

Quality-wise, I am really impressed by the craftsmanship of these gloves and didn’t find any major flaws here. They provide you good punching surface with consistent padding and nice protection across the whole knuckle area.

Reinforced stitching is one of the things that Venum focuses on a lot in almost all gloves series. They actually tucked the material in and roll the leather over, so no frayed ends came out and everything looks perfectly clean without any sort of slack there.

I also weigh these gloves individually. The right glove weighs in at about 11.7 ounces whereas the left glove is 11.5 ounces. Both of these gloves are almost 12 ounces and weigh similar compared to each other, which is great.

Comfort (4.2 / 5.0)

Let me talk about my favorite feature of this glove first, i.e. multi-layer foam. I really like how they molded the exterior skin into the actual triple-density foam inside. It not only enhances the feel but also makes these gloves very protective, uniform, and well-balanced.

A semi-broken infield is given here that allows you to open and close your fist for parry shots. You also have that hinged pointer lock to avoid over-extension of your wrist in the backward direction.

Talking about comfort, everything looks natural. It puts your hands in a nice, comfortable position with a great feeling of support. On the palm side, you’ve almost a quarter of an inch of firm padding that runs up on both sides of your wrist to give you some extra layer of protection.

A medium to soft-density padding is given below the grip bar for better protection while blocking. This whole profile makes these gloves very comfortable to use for other martial arts and combat sports too.

Price Range (4.0 / 5.0)

I think I got these Venum Impact sparring gloves at around $55 from their website, which is definitely not a bad deal.

Even if we discount the fact that these gloves don’t have genuine leather, to be honest, this price point seems to be fair to me, considering the amount of value we’re getting from them.

Coming toward the performance, these are well-balanced gloves that offer you a nice crack and that good sinking feeling when you deliver a shot, especially on mitts or a heavy bag.

You get 3-4 unique color schemes to choose from. I got mine in grey-black camouflage color and 12 ounces size but if you can get anything from 8 ounces to 16 ounces.


Venum team did a good job in terms of construction, comfort, and designing part of these gloves. Everything from the material, and stitching, to the foam as well as padding, looks pretty neat and offers you amazing value for your money.

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Venum Impact Boxing Gloves Alternatives

Although I am very much satisfied with the feel as well as the performance of these Venum impact gloves, but it could be better in terms of material as well as the actual padding.

If you can push your budget up to $100, you can go with these Leather boxing gloves that provide you with even better performance and durability.

If you’re searching for something that is pocket-friendly but doesn’t want to settle with cheap quality gloves, then these Everlast Elite gloves (Read This Review First) could be a better choice for you.

My Final Verdicts

To be honest with you, I think these gloves are relatively better than standard boxing gloves. This Venum impact series is specially geared toward the comfort and protective layers and their performance also projects the same thing.

I will happily give these gloves a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. (Check out the Latest Deal Here)

So, if you’re looking for something that offers you excellent protection and provides pretty stable wrist support without breaking your budget, these gloves are definitely a great fit for you.

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