Title Gel World Bag Gloves Review (2023 Updated)

title gel world bag gloves

My Takeaway: Title Gel World gag gloves come with a full-leather outer casing and their new gel technology that offers you great value in terms of better performance and extra protection. Also, it has a stocky design with a D-ring velcro strap for wrist stability and a comfortable feel.

  • Full Genuine Leather Casing for Robust Construction
  • Multi-Layer Foam infused with Gel-Lining
  • D-ring Closure Strap for Better Wrist Support
  • Nicely Reinforced & Consistent Stitching for Heavy Use
  • Gloves Size: Medium to Extra-Large
  • Gloves Type: Bag Gloves
  • Material: Geniune Leather
  • Best For: Extra Protection

Founded at the start of 1998, Title Boxing came a long way to establish itself as an authority in the boxing world. Their overall involvement in the sport and continuous research for better solutions are the reasons why people are crazy about this brand.

These are probably Title’s best-selling bag gloves that are mainly geared toward people who are looking for better protection, unique design, and stable & comfortable hand movements.

title gel world bag gloves review


  • Full Leather Construction that feels really Nice & Thick
  • Extra Protective Layers for Better Shock Absorption
  • Great Stability & Comfortable Feel
  • Consistent Foam Padding Across the Whole Knuckle Area
  • Wider Tapered-out Hand Compartment Profile


  • I would be Very Happy If they provide some Ventilated Holes
  • Relatively Heavier than Other Bag Gloves

Title Gel World Bag Gloves Review: Complete Breakdown

Let’s get a close-up look at these amazing pair of gel bag gloves by Title:

Material (4.5 / 5.0)

The first thing that I want to highlight is they didn’t use any synthetic or faux material for the outer casing. It comes with full genuine leather construction and feels really nice and thick.

These gloves come with a gel lining from the inside that is actually infused with multi-layer foam. This definitely increases the overall weight but also allows them to really stand out from the crowd in terms of their protection as well as their performance.

If you’re a power puncher or have some kind of history of a hand injury, I think these are the best gloves you can get that offer you extra protective layers and really absorbs the shock.

Although, a tricot inner liner is given here that wicks away moisture pretty well and pretty much takes care of the breathability, but I would be even happier If they also provide some ventilated holes in the palm area.

Design (4.0 / 5.0)

Unlike most of the usual bag gloves, Instead of laces, these gloves come with a D-ring closure strap which is nicely attached to the leather loop. It’s almost like the rat-trapping system that locks your wrist in place and offers you great stability and a comfortable feel.

If I have to describe these gloves in a single word, it would be “TANK”. A perfectly positioned thumb and standard medium-size grip bar are given here with a Title boxing logo on it.

Along with that, you have pretty firm padding of about a quarter of an inch on the inside of the wrist whereas half of an inch of padding is on the back.


I think of these gloves as relatively short and stocky. It doesn’t come with a long cuff and has a wider tapered-out hand compartment profile, which makes these gloves an amazing choice mainly for bag work and other kinds of training around your gym.

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Craftsmanship (4.2 / 5.0)

When you wear these gloves for the first time, the first thing that you’re going to notice is, how nice and firm these gloves are. To be honest, these gloves actually have a pretty good and robust construction considering these are Chinese-made gloves.

The stitching is also looking good. I like how they keep it very consistent and nicely reinforced throughout the glove, especially on the edges.

Nevertheless, I think the overall construction quality of these gloves is definitely a lot better than most of the other gel-lining gloves.

Comfort (4.3 / 5.0)

These gloves are relatively heavier because of the gel lining technology. When I weigh these gloves independently, The right glove weighs in at about 18.2 ounces whereas the left glove is 18.4 ounces.

title gel world bag gloves

Definitely heavy, but I think they’re almost on point with their weights which is always good to see. This is pretty much expected from gel gloves but, I think, instead of a downside, you should see it as a trade-off between weight and protection.

I would also like to give credit to the overall ergonomics of this model. It gives amazing comfort from the inside thanks to the softer foam that’s resting against your hand.

Once you wear them on, you not only get a great thumb placement with a nice and deep finger compartment but also excellent support and extra protection to your knuckle and wrist area.

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Price Range (3.9 / 5.0)

These Title gel World bag gloves cost me around $118. I do think that this is a little expensive deal considering the fact that you can’t even use them for sparring or should I say, these are not recommended for sparring.

But, you can get a flat 20% off just by signing up for their newsletter. Also, they do some other promotional sales throughout the year, so keep your eye on their site.

You should know, that these types of gel-lining gloves are not for sparring but work exceptionally well, especially for bag work and other gym training due to their extra layers of protection and larger punching surface area.

You get 2 different colors to choose from in several other weight choices. I got mine in a large size but you can get anything from small, medium, large, and extra-large.


They did a good job in terms of the comfort and construction of these gloves. Everything from the piping around your cuffs to the gel lining inside the knuckle area looks so amazing.

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Title Gel World Bag Gloves Alternatives

I have used the Title’s gloves in the past and one thing that I noticed is, that they use pretty much a similar design profile in terms of their thumb attachment as well as their overall conical shape. But, the quality is actually very good.

Although I didn’t find so many flaws in this model, the only thing I would say is, that you might notice a little bit of buckling here and there over time.

If you can push your budget up to $150, then you should go with these Title Gel World V2T gloves that offer you the best value for your money.

In Case: If you’re looking for more of a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on protection, these Venom Elite boxing gloves could be a better choice for you.

My Final Verdicts

I would say, these gloves are relatively better than the standard bag gloves. They are specially geared towards performance and do a really good job of keeping your hands protected.

The multi-layer foam infused with their gel-lining technology is another very impressive feature of these gloves that offers you more of a medium to firm kind of padding density.

I would give these gloves a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. (Check out the Latest Price)

So, if you’re looking for something that really absorbs those heavy shots and don’t want to worry about hand injuries, then this is definitely a good pair of gloves that you can buy for yourself.

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