Can You Kick in Boxing? 4 Facts You Should Know!

Boxing is also known as the sweet science of rules and if you want to participate, you have no other option but to strictly follow all the rules. If you’re wondering whether the kick is legal or not in boxing, here’re some of the things you need to read first:

So, Can You Kick in Boxing?

Throwing kicks are not allowed in boxing in order to reduce the injury rate and increase the overall safety of both fighters. Kicks are considered a foul and may result in a penalty, that’s why it’s mandatory for boxers to use only proper offense techniques that involve straight punches.

In this article, I’ll explain exactly why kicks are not allowed in boxing and what happens if you kick your opponent in a match.

Why There is No Kicking in Boxing?

In the early days of boxing in ancient Greece, boxing is a mix of all sorts of fighting techniques including punching, kicking, grappling, sticking, wrestling as well as throws. The Greeks passed it to the Romans and slowly it started to spread all across the world.

The only issue was the injury rate was quite unsustainable, that’s why boxing get split into punching & grappling and different rules were introduced to increase the safety of fighters.

Modern boxing developed as a form of fighting sport that is appropriate for a gentleman, that’s why rules like straight punches, front of the fist, above the belt become mandatory and kicking and grappling get forbidden.

The original boxing was a fighting technique where fighters don’t have to follow a set of rules. Every fighter uses a different kind of offense based on what their boxing master taught them as per their systems and skills.

From that day, more and more rules get integrated into boxing to convert it into an organized and civilized form of sport that allows for nonlethal competition.

Currently, boxers use only punches to attack their opponent’s head and upper body. The safety of both the fighters is very important during the match and that’s why gloves are also introduced to keep the game fairer and avoid any serious long-term injury.

What Happens If You Kick in a Boxing Match?

As safety is one of the main focuses of modern-day boxing, there is no exception to the rules that were decided by the authority bodies. If anyone wants to participate in the sports will have to follow all the regulations without any fail.

If a boxer kicks his opponent in a match, it would be considered as foul. Throwing a kick can lead to a warning, possible points reduction, or even disqualification if the fighter keeps violating the rules repeatedly.

A boxing referee is present in the ring to ensure the fairness of the match and make sure that both boxers are following the rules.

Can You Fake a Kick in Boxing?

You can fake a kick in a boxing match to surprise your opponent and gain control over the fight. There is no rule in boxing that forbids faked kicks (and fainting) as long as you’re not actually hitting your opponent.

But: It is very rare to see professional boxers are faking a kick as bait against their opponent, because if you commit to your faint too much and don’t able to fake a kick properly, your opponent may take advantage of your vulnerable position.

Also, even a decent boxer knows, you’re not going to kick him in real, that’s why he can leverage that opportunity by throwing an easy hit on the face.

Personally, I think of it as a double edge sword. If you properly master the fake kick, it definitely gives you an extra advantage. But: If used poorly, be ready for your opponent’s attack.

Kickboxing is another great combat sport that is almost similar to boxing but allows you for kicks. If you want to learn boxing but don’t want to miss on kicks and knee strikes, you should definitely consider kickboxing:

Difference of Kicks Between Boxing and Kickboxing?

As the name suggests, the fighting technique in kickboxing is obviously different than boxing, as it involves different stances, attack combinations, and overall different approaches to combat.

In both fighting styles, the punching is almost similar in terms of techniques. In both sports, you can throw a jab, uppercut, hooks, and some other combination of punches. But things start getting different when you think about the different kicking techniques.

In kickboxing, fighters not only use their legs for the attack but also present various kick-punch combinations like superman punch to quickly dominate the opponent.

Also, kickboxing demands for more reflexes because you need to move in and out from the wider range of your opponent’s legs, unlike boxing where you need to defend only above the belt.

Advantages of Boxing over Kickboxing

While kickboxing is focused on lots of things, boxing allows you to concentrate on the way you’re actually throwing a punch. Boxing puts a lot more emphasis on punching techniques, footwork as well as head movement.

That’s the main reason why most boxers are able to deliver punches very quickly and throw faster jabs or hooks as compared to kickboxers.

Boxing is a time-tested fighting style and is considered as one of the great martial arts that helps you to boost your self-confidence while building a great physique.

Final Thoughts

Now you know, why kicks are not allowed in boxing and what happens if you try to strike your opponent with your solid kick 🙂

Like many other martial arts, boxing teaches you how to defend yourself even if you have no weapon. But as the world is moving forward, boxing rules are going to evolve with time and focus more and more on the overall safety of the fighters.

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Keep learning, keep boxing…

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