Can You Superman Punch in Boxing? (4 Facts to Know)

No doubt, the superman punch is one of the craziest moves in the fighting world. If you’re wondering whether or not it is legal in boxing, here’re some of the important rules you need to read first:

So, Can you Superman Punch in Boxing?

Superman punches are allowed in boxing as long as they are performed in a proper way and targeted above the belt. Superman punch definitely adds extra power to the punch but it is not commonly used by world-class boxers because it is easy to detect and may expose you to a solid counterattack.

In this article, I’ll explain why the superman punch is so effective in terms of power but still, why it is not used in boxing:

What is the Purpose of Superman Punch in Boxing?

The main purpose of the superman punch is to quickly move toward your opponent and launch an attack with your complete power. It allows you to throw an overhand punch instead of a hook or a cross.

The only thing you need to take care of is, you’re not landing the punch in an illegal way, like the top of the head or in the back of the opponent’s head, and with the proper front part of your gloves.

But: before getting into the effectiveness of the superman punch, let’s see how you can actually perform one:

How to Throw a Superman Punch?

Superman punch starts with fainting a kick with your rear leg. If your opponent reacts to this bait by lowering his guard, you are supposed to jump off the ground using your lead leg down and throw a powerful on the opponent’s face through your rear hand.

A successful superman punch is a result of a great footwork strategy combined with lots of practice. While jumping off, you need to push your rear leg backward and hop forward with your lead leg to transfer weight into your punch and increase your overall range.

If you’re faking a kick with your right leg and want to throw a right-hand punch, it’s important to shuffle the legs to get the maximum benefit out of this punch technique in terms of punch force.

To increase the chances of landing your superman punch exactly on point, you’re not supposed to jump too high in the air. As a lot of footwork is already involved in this move, it is going to take more time to execute as compared to a traditional boxing punch.

That’s why you need to make sure that your feet are barely leaving the floor and you’re hopping directly toward the opponent in a forwarding direction.

It may feel a little awkward and unnatural in the beginning, but if you failed to perform the footwork properly, you’re simply exposing yourself to a counterattack.

Is Superman Punch Effective in Boxing?

Superman punch is definitely more effective in terms of power as compared to the normal punch because the fighter applies force through his whole body. It essentially makes the jab much more hard due to the weight behind it.

This punching technique is considered as one of the most distinct kinds of offensive techniques in many martial arts. The force with which the boxer travels toward the opponent to land a solid punch in the face can generate amazing results.

A well-placed superman punch can help you to take control of the fight and easily dominate your opponent.

You may be wondering, if superman punch is that great, then why it is not so popular among professional boxers? Keep Reading:

Why Boxers Don’t Throw Superman Punches More Often?

High-level boxers rarely use superman punch because it puts the boxer in a very unbalanced and kind of dangerous position. If the opponent doesn’t react to the faint kick and keeps his guard up, it won’t be very difficult for him to counterattack with a hook or uppercut.

In fact, many boxers consider: Jumping toward the opponent in a boxing match as a great way to quickly knock out yourself.

It doesn’t require Mayweather-level skills to ignore the kick, because even a decently trained boxer knows kicks are not allowed in boxing. In such a case, the opponent has enough time for sliding to the side and launching a counter punch to score a knockdown.

Personally, I think of superman punch as a mean difference between victory and defeat. It’s like an “All or Nothing” kind of situation depending upon whether or not you’re able to perform it perfectly.

And due to this whole balance thing and forbidden kicks, superman punches are not popular among world-class boxers.

The only high-level match where I saw this punch used is fought between Chavez and Roger. Here, Chavez Sr. was able to perform a superman punch because Roger was already dazed from the overhand, and Chavez just really wanted to get that knockout.

Does a Superman Punch Work in MMA?

Superman punch definitely works in MMA and is much more common as compared to boxing. That’s because, when an MMA fighter fakes a kick, there are variety of attacks are possible like an actual kick or flying knee.

Thus opponents don’t have any choice but to defend the upcoming kick by dropping their guard, and instead, they get smashed with a solid superman punch.

In case, the opponent doesn’t react to the kick, a fighter can change the plan and instead of throwing a superman punch, he can land a solid kick on the opponent’s body, which is not possible in boxing.

Also, boxers practice a hell lot for a punch defense as compared to MMA fighters, that’s why you shouldn’t try to go overboard with a superman punch in a boxing match.

Final Thoughts

Now you know, what is the actual point of the superman punch and why it is not so common in professional-level boxing.

It’s always an amazing experience to learn about new punching techniques and definitely you should practice superman punches during your training sessions.

I feel, when it comes to boxing, superman punch teaches you more about your balance rather than offense. You can practice it on a punching bag and even during sparring with your mates. Because one thing that works for anyone doesn’t necessarily work for you.

I hope you got a pretty clear idea of whether or not you should use superman punch in your boxing match. If you find this article helpful, do share it with your friends 🙂

Happy Boxing!

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