Why Do Boxers Wear Hoodies? 6 Helpful Reasons!

So many boxers wear hoodies both inside and outside the gym. Why do they do that? Does a hoodie give them any extra benefits or they are just trying to look cool? Let see:

So, Why Do Boxers Wear Hoodies?

Boxers often wear hoodies to encourage their body to hold in heat and warm up their muscles faster. A hoodie also reduces the chances of injury and provides comfortable and styling-looking clothing to boxers.

Benefits of Wearing Hoodies While Working out

Although every boxer has a different opinion, here’re the most common reasons why do boxers wear hoodies:

1. To Accelerate Warming

Initial warm-up has been an integral part of the boxing training. Wearing a hoodie help boxers accelerate their warming by trapping the body heat inside and relaxing their muscle fibers quickly.

It’s important to stay warm during a heavy workout because cold muscles are stiff and more likely to strain or tear, especially in cold weather.

Hoodies significantly reduce the chances of such injuries and prepare them for high-performance training by loosening their muscles faster and improving their blood circulation.

2. Comfortability

Many boxers find hoodies and sweatshirts way more comfortable than usual boxing clothes. Imagine you’re doing squats and a cold and rough barbell is touching your neck! That’s why boxers prefer comfy hoodies that make their training more enjoyable.

Note: Initially, it may feel a little difficult to train with a hoodie but I think hoodies are technically a superior style of dressing and make the workout session double or even three times more comfortable.

3. To Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

Personally, I feel that a hoodie provides boxers with a psychological barrier between their workout session and all other surrounding things.

During weight training, most pro boxers don’t like to check themselves in the mirror, because they know that monitoring the progress after every set is only going to waste their time and energy.

That’s why they prefer to stay covered and examine their progress on a weakly basis. this not only allows them to focus more on their workout but also helps to avoid unnecessary attention.

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4. For Stylish Looks

Both regular and sleeveless hoodies are part of the boxing culture for a long time now. Have you noticed how much attractive a person looks in a hoodie?

In addition to various health benefits, a good comfy hoodie also allows boxers to look more like pro athletes. It almost suits every boxer and makes a nice combination with comfortable sweatpants.

A new aspect of the fashion industry “gym clothing” is growing very rapidly now. that’s why all the major sports brands are launching their different fashion lines.

5. To Burn More Calories

Some boxers wear hoodies to burn more calories during their workouts and try to get the maximum effect from their exercise in terms of fat loss.

This tactic is mostly used by boxers who want to cut weight by a few pounds to fit into the competition’s weight limit. They usually wear weighted hoodies and try to sweat as much as possible to make weighs-in in the desired weight class.

It’s obvious that if boxers wear a second layer of clothing and sweat more, It increases their heart rate and allows them to lose a little more calories.

6. Hoodies Absorbs Sweating Better

Nowadays, athletes are becoming more and more hygienic and kind of sophisticated too. Many boxers agreed that wearing a hoodie during their workout session absorbs sweat far better as compared to normal gym t-shirts.

Excessive sweating during exercise can expose your skin to various bacteria and germs and result in a number of skin problems. That’s why many boxers considered hoodies as an essential part of their training equipment.

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Disadvantages of Wearing Hoodies During a Workout

Before you make up your mind to go and buy a new hoodie, read these risks involved while working out in a hoodie and my personal safety tips:

1. Heat Exhaustion

Overheating and dehydration are the two most common problems some boxers feel during their workout. Heat exhaustion usually happens when our body is unable to keep up with the high body temperature during high-intensity workouts.

That’s why it’s important to stay hydrated and drink enough water after a training session.

2. Inefficiency in Workout

No doubt, wearing a hoodie during a workout increases the overall intensity of the training and allows you to burn more calories. But, it’s also possible you exhaust way faster and might not be able to complete your workout session.

For this, I used to wear a T-shirt or tank top under the hoodie so that when I start feeling warm and loose, I can simply take off the hoodie and avoid excessive sweating.

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Should You Wear a Hoodie During Workout?

Most boxers prefer to wear hoodies because not only do hoodies keep their muscles warm and loose but also they are slightly more comfortable and considered stylish clothing as compared to other alternatives.

That’s why you need to ask whether or not you want to wear a hoodie. are you comfortable with that? All the benefits that I mentioned above, do you even need them?

It’s a personal preference: If you think hoodies are amazing and cool, you should wear them. If not, leave them. But don’t ever try to miss your workout session because that’s what ultimately going to have a significant impact on your progress. 🙂

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