Why Are Boxing Gyms So Expensive? (Explained)

If you’re wondering why to spend a few hundred dollars in a boxing gym if you can hop to a regular gym next to it for as low as 20 dollars. In this article, I’ll explain to you exactly what are the different factors that make boxing gym classes costly. Let see:

So, Why are boxing gyms so expensive?

Boxing gym memberships are relatively more expensive than regular gyms because you’re not only paying to get fit but to learn a new skill that is taught by an experienced trainer. Also, boxing equipment, insurance, and other utilities are some major expenses that boost the overall cost.

Let’s dig more into the depth of this topic and understand the various benefits of boxing gyms and it is even worth joining expensive boxing gyms:

What Factors Make Boxing Gym Costly?

The average price of a class in boxing gyms is usually decided on the basis of your requirements and the different facilities available in the gym.

For instance, if you’re already aware of boxing workouts and able to manage different crucial things without special attention, then a boxing gym is not going to cost you a lot.

On the other hand: If you’re in a search of the perfect training, and want extra attention, and proper instruction during your boxing workout, then you have to pay more.

Here’re the most common factors that affect the cost of boxing gyms:

1. Equipment in Boxing Gym

Boxing gym contains costly boxing stuff like boxing bags, head mats, and a couple of fighting rings. Also, the studio area of the gym is large as each boxer needs ample space for boxing.

They have to keep all this equipment in good condition and all the space clean to maintain their brand value and to attract new clients. So it indirectly increases the maintenance cost of the boxing gym owners.

At the end of the day, owners are doing business, they should have to earn money that will make a profit even after spending maintenance expenses. That’s why boxing gyms are relatively more expensive compared to normal fitness and workout gyms.

2. Viability of Boxing Sport

The commercial club attracts the majority of people in the town so they can keep affordable prices for their customers. But boxing is a niche sport thus only people who want to learn boxing skills and techniques join the boxing gym.

Thus boxing gym has fewer enrolled individuals even after providing expensive equipment and other facilities. So they have to keep membership fees on the higher side for profit margins.

3. Experience of the Instructor

The coaching experience of the instructor is another factor that significantly affects the cost of your boxing gym classes. Peoples join the clubs mostly on the basis of trainers so gym owners have to appoint a certified coach.

Such coaches have a great demand in the market because nowadays the standard quality of instruction and the correct suggestions in the initial days is the utmost important thing for a good boxing career.

Thus such trainers take higher payment on a basis of minutes and hours. So, gym owners also have to pay the higher rates of these instructors along with other expenses so they increase the overall price of boxing gyms.

4. Size of the Class

No doubt, private sessions are more beneficial for you than group coaching, especially when you’re in the beginning stage of your learning. But, not everyone can afford a private coaching class, because they are expensive as hell. 🙂

The size of the class is another major factor that affects the overall expense of your boxing gym. If you’re a beginner and just getting started out with martial arts, joining a group session will be more beneficial for you.

Unlike private training where you get personal attention from a coach, group training allows you to adjust with other people and attain coaching simultaneously.

With group sessions, even though you need to compromise in some aspects of the training it lowers the overall cost of the classes significantly.

It’s always better to get started off with a bunch of like-minded people because even if you decide to learn more advanced techniques and want to take boxing professionally, you can always switch to personal coaching at any time.

5. Time of Training

Usually, workouts and training classes in boxing gyms are about 30 minutes to 60 minutes long which is enough to deliver sufficient physical activity for beginner boxers.

But, If you want to spend more time in the gym and develop your boxing techniques under the observation of a trainer, you obviously have to pay extra charges to tutor for the additional services.

Even if you miss any training session someday and ask for an extra hour from your trainer, most gyms considered it as an added service and charge you for it.

6. Frequency of Lessons and Location

Your end goal of boxing will decide the frequency of lessons and then the cost of classes is going to vary accordingly. Boxing sessions in the gym are for several weeks but if you want to explore this field more then training continues for some years.

If you are preparing for the tournament then constant and long-term lessons are necessary. Along with the frequency of lessons, location can also affect the cost of a boxing gym.

The gym inside big cities or towns have more fees while outside the town in rural areas gym costs are quite affordable

7. Students’ Experience

If you are not experienced at all in boxing and only learn proper body postures from your trainer, then in such situations most coaches do not ask for full payment and even train you for more than an hour as their reputation is at stake.

Experienced boxing trainer decides their payment rates on the basis of the hour. Once you become able to start learning challenging techniques and styles then they will decide their fees accordingly.

What are the Benefits of Joining a Boxing Gym?

Here are some of the benefits you’ll get if you prefer to join a boxing gym instead of a regular fitness gym:

1. Improves Cardiovascular health

Boxing is the best intense exercise for efficiently pumping the heart which increases the rate of burning calories. But to get the most out of your workouts, it’s important to keep it consistent and do your cardio exercise at least 4-5 days a week.

Regular training keeps your heart rate up and retains the work of the lungs properly which improves cardiovascular health. This intense physical activity also benefits the system of the overall body by adding stress in a safe and managed way.

2. Better Stamina and Endurance

In the initial days of boxing, your body resists doing highly intense workouts. But proper coach instructions and daily training patterns in the gym help you to go through those difficult training days.

That’s why consistency plays an important role in increasing the overall strength of your muscles and proving you with better stamina and endurance.

3. Increase Your Confidence

Once you start getting proceeding with your training, along with your committing daily workouts, you start learning new techniques and also make various mistakes.

Definitely, boxing training will provide you with a more positive feeling about yourself but having like-minded people around you, and having similar skill-set help you enhance your confidence level.

The way you progress with your punching techniques and are able to lift higher weights than your mates give you a crazy level of positivity. Along with that, you’ll start feeling pride when you complete different workout challenges set by your trainer.

What’s the Average Price of a Boxing Gym in the US?

The average price of boxing is approximately range between 50 to 180 dollars per month. Various factors including the experience of the instructor, the location of the gym, and the type of lessons affect the overall cost of the gym.

We have contacted some of the famous and top boxing clubs in the United States to know about their membership info. Given below data is the average price of monthly service in such clubs :

Name of GymAverage Price
Work Train Fight $150 per month
Gleason’s Gym $110 per month
Legacy Boxing Club $89 per month

Boxing gyms are also available at lower prices up to 18$ in the United States but their service is not so impressive. Some clubs provide group sessions for 25$ and one-to-one sessions for approx 50$, which is quite a good deal.

If you buy a half-full yearly membership, most of the gyms will offer you the best discount or provide you free usage of their equipment for a year.

Equipment You Need to Buy After Joining Boxing Gym

Most of the boxing gyms will provide you with weights, jump ropes, punching bags, and some other basic stuff but you still need to invest little money to buy other boxing gear. Like:

  • Boxing Gloves
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shin, Knee, and Elbow pads
  • Boxing Shoes and Shorts
  • Cups and Chest Protector
  • Under Gloves and Mittens

Do Boxing Gyms Make Money?

With a return on Investment (ROI) of 20 to 30% and a success rate of 92%, boxing gyms and clubs can make a good amount of money. With recurring membership and boxing lessons fees, you can expect to earn around $1000 per month in the initial months.

Final Thoughts

Boxing can also be learned at home as it is the sport of agility and endurance, all you need is the right mindset. Whereas it is not the most effective way to progress in this field.

Without joining a gym you can learn some basic boxing techniques on your own. But for learning advanced boxing combos, training under the observation of an experienced instructor is necessary.

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