Why Do Boxers Do Sit Ups? 7 Benefits [Must-Read]

Sit-up is one of the most common yet important exercises that benefit boxers in many different areas. In this article, I’ll explain exactly what are the different benefits of situps and why boxers prefer them over other exercises:

So, Why Do Boxers Do Sit Ups?

Boxers do sit-ups because it strengthens their core, increases punching power while providing stability and balance to them during the bout. It also helps them to improve body movement, muscular endurance and reduces the risk of back pain.

Let’s dig more into the benefits:

Benefits of Doing Sit Ups For Boxers

Although every boxer has a different opinion regarding whether one should do it or not, but here’re some of the most common benefits of doing sit-ups for boxers:

1. Strengthen Core and Diaphagram

An increase in core strength is one of the main reasons for boxers to do situps. It is the most beneficial exercise for the abdomen which provides good form and required steadiness to a boxer.

The movement of the body while doing sit-ups is particularly effective at the torso (human body part except for the head, neck, arm, and legs). It strengthens, tightens, and tones the muscle cores.

And thus boxers are able to hit harder punches and can move with great ease which allows them to fight at the best level possible.

Sit-ups also compress the diaphragm in a beneficial way and strengthen it. A strong, flexible, and healthy diaphragm improves respiratory function, and thus breathing pattern of the boxer becomes better which is the utmost important thing for every athlete.

There are lots of exercises that are favorable for diaphragm flexibility but according to some studies sit-ups are considered the most helpful one.

2. Improves Posture

Sit-up improves the sitting and standing posture by making muscles around the spine powerful and balanced.

Good posture benefits a lot to a person on the basis of the health aspect and thus indirectly assists the boxer inside the ring.

Having perfect posture helps the boxer to reduce lower back pain, improves circulation, lessens jaw pain, and makes neck-shoulder health better.

3. Build Muscular Strength and Endurance

Sit-ups increase the muscles strength of the abdomen and hips. According to research, women who can do situps in a well-organized manner have better muscle function and also have less muscle loss due to aging.

Sit-ups also improve the overall muscular endurance which provides support and stability to the boxer’s body.

Small twitch muscles have access to the blood supply and contain greater oxygen-binding proteins. Situps train such muscles of the body which increases boxers’ stamina and allows them to fight with opponents for a longer time.

4. Reduce Risk of Pain and Injury

Sit-ups surely can relieve the risk of pain only if it is done in the correct and proper technique because it increases the strength of the hips, lower-upper back, and whole abdominal region while developing a stable center that reduces the threat of back pain.

However, most people think that doing sit-ups in daily workouts is the reason for causing pain and injuries. But this narrative concluded as false after the study of United-State army officers in 2010.

5. Betterment in Balance, Stability and Flexibility

Sit-ups cause movement of the spine which reduces its rigidity and makes the boxer back more stable. It helps the hips muscle to coordinate with core muscles which keep the boxer body more balanced and stable throughout the fight.

Along with this it also reduces stress and tension among muscles. Such flexibility enhances energy level, blood flow and improves circulation.

6. Exercise Multiple Parts of Body

Crunches are effective only for the abdominal area but situps train multiple parts of the body. Sit-ups are the best workout for boxers to activate the whole body within less time.

It trains lower back, hip flexors, chest, and lower-upper obliques along with an abdomen. And thus sit-ups are part of almost every boxer’s workout.

Every athlete from beginner to expert boosts their game by doing situps daily as it helps them to improve the overall performance of the body.

7. Burn Calories

Among lots of exercises of athletes, sit-ups are considered as one of the most effective exercises to burn calories. As it targets the multiple parts of the body and strengthens them.

However, the actual count of calories loss depends on the physical state, age, and gender of the person, but the more you strengthen your muscles and increase situps intensity the more calories will get burned.

What are the Drawbacks of Situps for Boxers?

Although situp is considered as one of the basic exercises for boxers, but it also has some downsides if not done properly:

1. Muscle Imbalances

The abdomen of the human body is made by interweaving different muscle groups. Sit-ups fail to strengthen all of them as it is limited up to one point. It only targets a particular group of muscles which includes the rectus abdominis and obliques.

That means boxers can’t completely rely on the sits if they want to do the complete exercise of abs. for that, they can include other options like squats and dead-lifts into the workout.

Also, situps activate the main core and area around the abs but if a boxer wants to lose weight to fit into a particular weight class then a cardio workout and a low-calorie diet would be more helpful than doing repetitive sets of situps.

2. Disc Trouble

While doing sit-ups, the spine of the back gets bent frequently which sometimes can create a problem. Up and down motion can put compression on the spine which might cause bulging of the disc (spongy cushion that separates spine and bone).

In the worst-case situation, it can also cause bleeding, but that’s a very rare circumstance. But it’s better to not overdo this exercise.

3. Neck Injury

While pulling the body forward from the floor, the neck doesn’t have any kind of support. That means if a person is not careful then there might be chances of neck injuries.

To overcome this risk, you can place both of your hands behind your neck to offer stability to your spine. This position is also known as classical situps.

Do Boxers Need to Do Sit-ups?

Boxers should do situps because they help to improve the core strength, develop powerful punches, and increase the ease of body movement. Almost all the popular boxers had done thousands if not a lacks situps throughout their career and it helped them in so many various ways.

How Many Sit-ups Did Floyd Mayweather Do Daily?

Without sweating Floyd Mayweather can do 200 sit-ups, 100 pullups and run 5 miles daily. According to some sources Mike Tyson used to do 2000 situps per day to pump up their body at the beginning of his career

Final Thoughts

Basically, situps are an abdominal exercise that helps a lot to the boxer on a physical level. Crunches are also similar but the only difference is that situps have a wide region of motion so it is more beneficial.

As a beginner boxer, one should definitely consider including situps in their daily workout but make sure to do it in the correct form. You will definitely feel a change in core strength within some days.

Happy Boxing!

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