Why Do Boxers Drink Raw Eggs? 4 Benefits You Should Know

Eggs are themselves a complete source of animal protein and other nutrients that help boxers in so many ways. In this article, I’ll explain to you exactly why do boxers drink raw eggs than cooked ones:

Raw eggs are packed with 13 different vitamins and micronutrients and provide very high-quality proteins to boxers. Although cooked eggs significantly increase protein absorption but drinking raw eggs is a quick way to get an instant boost in energy and more protein to build muscle strength.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at what are the actual benefits and drawbacks of eating raw eggs:

Benefits of Eating Raw Eggs for Boxers

Whether you’re consuming raw eggs or cooked ones, you’re going to get benefited from a variety of nutrients. Here’re some of the core benefits of eating raw eggs, especially for boxers:

1. Strengthen Immune System

Believe it or not, cooking an egg does have a little effect on its nutritional value. Although it retains its main value as a source of protein but some of the fluids get lost due to the heating process.

When boxers drink consume eggs in their raw form, high levels of vitamins, antioxidants, and some other important nutrients help them to develop a well-defended immune system and increase their body capacity to ward off infection.

This not only protects boxers from getting sick often but also help them to absorb their post-workout protein shakes more readily.

2. Provide Boost in Energy

Nothing new but eggs comes with a whole package of nutrients that makes you feel full and provide you with an instant boost in energy levels.

Eggs are filled with HDL (also known as good cholesterol) that are helpful for the boxer’s heart. Fatty acids like Omega-3s bring down the bad cholesterol levels and allow boxers to stay longer in the game before draining out.

Along with nutrients, raw eggs are considered to be a complete source of essential amino acids and healthy fats that provides more energy which is very important in a combat sport like boxing.

3. Instant Dose of Proteins and Minerals

While working out, it’s not possible for everyone to cook an omelet before eating an egg, that’s why boxers prefer to eat raw eggs as an instant dose of proteins.

Each egg contains almost 6 grams of muscle-building proteins, 66 mg of phosphorus, and 2 mg of calcium that helps to develop stronger bones and withstand the opponent’s punches during their fight.

Riboflavin present in an egg allows the boxer’s body to break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates more easily and also improves the blood circulation process.

Other than that, an egg contains more than dozens of different micronutrients that are associated with the maintenance of body cells in terms of repairing and creating new ones.

4. Increases Brain Fuctionality

An egg is considered as an amazing source of Cholin which is proven to be an important factor in terms of memory and overall brain functionality. A study done in April 2018 focuses on the various health benefits of choline and carotenoids.

Raw eggs contain high amounts of choline (almost 23% more than hard-boiled eggs) so much so that even a single raw egg is more than enough to complete 1/3 rd of boxer’s daily choline requirement, which is very significant for fighting.

Is It Safe to Drink Raw Eggs for Boxers?

You may come across many athletes that suggest you drink raw eggs but you need to understand, raw eggs are simply not as digestible as cooked eggs.

Here’re the Most Common Disadvantages of Drinking Raw Eggs:

1. Reduced Protein Absorbtion

Eggs are often referred to as one of the complete sources of animal protein out there and if you’re choosing raw eggs to get a boost in your protein intake, you might be surprised that cooked eggs actually provides you more protein.

As per one of the old studies performed on protein absorption, only 50% of the protein was absorbed when eggs were consumed in raw form whereas more than 90% of the protein in cooked eggs was absorbed by the body.

This is because the heating process breakdown the protein content and makes the digestion process more simple and your body certainly gets more protein to absorb.

In addition to that, a raw egg white contains avidin which hinders the absorption of biotin (certain B vitamins). Although you’re definitely going to get biotin from other food items but why if simple cooking is helping you in breaking down the avidin!

Although more research is required in this field but you need to consider this issue especially when eggs are your main source of protein.

2. Food Poisoning

One of the major drawbacks of eating raw eggs is we’re at risk of different bacterias present in them. Salmonella infection is the most significant risk that is associated with drinking raw eggs and can cause food poisoning.

Although Pasteurization is one of the processes that does reduce infection cases but does not completely eliminate the chances.

Also, In general, the human body doesn’t metabolize food if it’s not cooked properly and that’s true for not only eggs but most of the food we consume, except fruits and some vegetables where water content is very high.

Basically, raw eggs are not as safe as cooked eggs from the perspective of food-born illness and it’s always better to at least boil, scramble, fry, or cook the eggs before eating. It not only reduces the various risks but also increases its taste.

What is the Best Time To Eat Eggs for Boxers?

Eggs, being an amazing source of healthy proteins, boxers should eat eggs before starting their workout session. Consuming high-quality egg protein works exceptionally well in terms of building strength, repairing muscle fibers, and providing required energy.

Final Thoughts

Eggs are one of the most nutrient-dense food items that come with 13 different vitamins and nutrients with high-quality protein, which is very beneficial for boxers.

But: eating or drinking raw eggs doesn’t actually provide any major advantage over eating boiled or cooked eggs. Also, even if raw eggs have slightly more nutritional values but cooking helps in the digestion of protein and allows the body to absorb more content.

Personally, I like to eat boiled eggs with a little pinch of salt on it. Do let me know, what’s your taste?

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