Do Boxers Drink Protein Shakes? 6 Helpful Things to Know!

No doubt, the game of boxing asks for a lot more than just your punching techniques and strategies. It’s important for boxers to be aware of their diet and take proper nutrition to survive high-intensive workouts and training.

So, Do Boxers Drink Protein Shakes?

Protein shakes are widely consumed by boxers as it is the most convenient way of consuming the required protein when compared to whole foods. Adequate amounts of protein help boxers recover faster after training and promote healthy muscle gain, especially when combined with resistance training.

In this article, I’ll dig more into the benefits and downsides of protein supplements and help you to decide whether or not you should take protein shakes:

Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Protein Shakes for Boxers

Although many boxers seem to have a different opinion about protein supplements and their protein intake, in general, but here’re some of the most common benefits of drinking protein shakes for boxers:

1. Better Weight Management

Boxers like to drink protein shakes – in addition to their lot of protein-rich foods because it allows them to maintain their muscle mass and training efficiency while dropping the overall body weight.

Definitely, boxers can consume the necessary amount of protein by eating a lot of whole protein-rich food but it not only increases the volume of food but also significantly increases the number of calories they’re taking.

That’s why protein shake is considered as a good option to make adjustments in the food choices and fulfill the required protein intake without all other stuff (fat, fiber, etc), especially when boxers are looking forward to cutting down their weight.

2. Gain in Muscle Mass

As a whole, boxers have a greater requirement of protein as compared to the average people and when it comes to muscle gain, daily caloric and protein absorption matters the most.

Gaining muscles is one of the main and most well-known benefits of protein shakes because they are nothing but a dietary supplement that provides a little extra dose of protein over a regular diet and help boxers to achieve their fitness goal sooner.

In fact, this study nicely documented how protein shakes promote muscle gains and improve body composition in terms of muscle-to-fat ratio. It helps boxers to maintain their muscle mass even with a weight loss diet.

Researchers believe that protein supplements, when combined with a healthy diet and regular resistance training do have the ability to promote muscle gains, but you also need to understand, it does not affect all the boxers in the same way.

3. Faster Recovery After Workout

Another reason why boxers prefer protein shakes is to speed up the recovery from muscle soreness after an intense boxing workout.

Many boxers prefer to take protein shakes post-workout because when you eat solid food items, it takes more time to digest and deliver protein to your muscles, on the other hand, protein shakes only take about half-hour to reach your muscles and start healing them.

Many studies have already proven that it increases the muscle absorption of protein by rapidly transporting sugar and pulling some of the amino acids. It is also an important component of the immune system and is required for proper cardiovascular function.

Basically, taking protein supplements not only helps boxers to repair their damaged muscles and tissues but also enhances their overall athletic performance.

4. More Convenience

Whether you’re vegan or vegetarian and want to fulfill your protein requirements or just want to add a little extra dose of protein into your main diet, a protein shake is the most convenient option available for you.

I don’t think, I need to explain anything more. Whether you’re in a home, gym, work, or even on your way, protein shakes provide an easy way to intake protein. It’s really like, do you rather take your nuts and yogurt to your gym or prefer protein supplement?

Protein powder is a pure source of protein (with low fats and carbs) that you can drink straight after your workout. Also, protein supplements are available in many forms (powder, liquid, etc) that allow you to make ready-to-drink protein shake instantly.

5. Compact Nutritional Value

Most of the protein powders come with whey, soy, or casein along with a high-quality protein that provides all of the nine essential amino acids.

Even though every protein shake is different but on average, you’ll get around 20 to 35 grams of protein in about 100 to 200 calories, which is definitely a good deal and offers a little extra advantage towards metabolism.

Although drinking protein shakes are unlikely to make any noticeable change on its own and boxers are still required to follow a proper diet along with their training routine, but protein shakes definitively provide a huge benefit in the overall process.

Before you make up your mind and place an order for a protein powder, it’s important for you to read some of these downsides of taking protein supplements:

Why do Some Boxers Avoid Taking Protein Supplements?

Protein powders are designed to be heavy on protein content and not able to offer the required amount of carbs, vitamins, and minerals most of the time.

No matter what the commercials are saying, when it comes to the naturally occurring fibers, antioxidants, and some other minerals, protein supplements can’t compete with whole foods, especially when you replace a major part of your meal with protein shakes.

Also, excess amount of protein intake can lead to various health-related issues such as weaker bones, nausea, headache, etc.

BUT: That doesn’t mean we simply neglect a lot of positives and the fact that protein shakes provide easily digestible nutrients to boxers and allow them to meet their requirements without eating large amounts of meat, fish, or dairy products.

Make sure you read the product label and understand what you’re actually consuming. You should look for soy or whey or casein. These are various types of proteins and offer you different benefits.

Definitely, depending on your diet plan, you can also make some adjustments in your shakes, such as adding bananas to your shakes to include some carbs or adding plenty of fluids to head off dehydration. You get the Idea!

Is Whey Protein Good for Boxing?

Whey protein shakes when combined with boxing workouts can result in a significant increase of lean muscle mass and overall improvement in muscle strength. The proper amount of whey protein intake is very beneficial while training and helps boxers to enhance their performance with adequate recovery.

Do Pro Boxers Use Protein Shakes?

Many professional boxers use a high-quality protein powder for convenience, especially when they need immediate protein after their workout and don’t have time for a whole meal. Usually, they combined protein shakes with a strong healthy diet to fulfill daily protein requirements while sticking to a lengthy weight cut plan.

Final Thoughts

Most people don’t even need to consume any extra protein supplements because their daily needs can simply meet through their daily diet. Even if you’re on a high-intensity workout, some yogurt and a couple of almonds will be very beneficial.

If convenience is your only concern, you can also go with low-fat cow milk powder. Personally, I like to follow how my body is responding to the amount of protein intake over weeks and months rather than putting too much emphasis on the actual numbers.

I just want to convey, protein shakes are not at all good or bad. They are OKEY at their own place. Some boxers want it and some don’t. It’s all up to you what’re your needs and whether or not you want to drink protein shakes?

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