Why Do Boxers Bounce Up & Down? (Explained for Beginners)

If you’re wondering why boxers always keep bouncing around? Do they jump up and down to convey their opponent that they are ready for the fight or is there any other benefits to it? Let’s explore:

So, Why Do Boxers Bounce Around?

Boxers keep bouncing around to stay light on their feets. It allows them to move in and out of their opponent’s range and instantly change their direction to cover more distance. Also, bounce-step makes boxer unpredictable and help them to deliver more powerful punches.

In this article, I’ll dig more into the benefits and explain you exactly why almost all boxers keep bouncing around in the ring:

Why Do Boxers Keep Jumping Around During Fight?

There could be so many different reasons why boxers prefer to hop around during their match, but here’re some of the most common reasons:

1. To Generate More Punching Power

First of all, boxers aren’t just hopping around but it’s a strategic move that allows them to make their punches more effective in terms of both power and angles through which they are being delivered.

A good bounce-step help boxer to transfer their body weight into the hit through controlled punch velocity and forward motion. As a result, they are able to find better angles and cover more distance to deliver solid punches.

2. To Instantly Change Direction

The bounce-step is one of the perfect moves that helps boxers to quickly change their direction when they are within the range of their opponent’s punches.

Many boxers also like to bounce when they want to perform a lateral movement (move side-to-side) especially when their opponent is chasing them but they want a little time to think about their next move.

Being able to change directions and instantly move around not only allows them to cut the edges more smoothly but also makes them a little unpredictable.

3. To Move In-Out of Opponent’s Range

Unlike other martial artists, boxers can hit their opponent with only punches, which are restricted by their arm’s length. That’s why a continuous bouncing stance is quite important as it helps boxers to instantly move in and out of their opponent’s strike range.

When they are out of the attack range, changing direction doesn’t make much sense because boxers are not in the instant danger of getting punched, and jumping around is just exhausting their energy.

BUT: Many boxers see this as a strategic advantage because the subtle movement of bouncing up and down allows them to quickly move into the range, deliver a punch, and quickly come out.

Personally, I love to call it a hit-and-run kind of strategy, but it does require a lot of practice and subtle body movement, otherwise be ready for a solid counter punch.

How to Bounce Like a Pro Boxer?

Executing a bouncing step is harder than it looks. If not done correctly, it can easily drain your energy. Here’re my pro tips to easily bounce for many rounds without getting tired:

1. Try to Bounce Downwards

This is one of the most common mistakes that almost every beginner boxer do in the initial phase. Trying to bounce upward not only waste your energy to push your hips upward but also going to cost you some energy when your body impacts back to the ground.

All you need to do is, try to project your momentum in the downward direction, relax your body and keep your hips more grounded. It allows you to save more energy during the process and also enables you to deliver punches with your full power.

2. Keep the Bounce Small

Another common mistake that can significantly drain your energy is to make big bounce steps. In the beginning, when boxers don’t have a refined sense of their punching range, they tend to jump higher to get in and out of the attack range.

Keeping your bounces small not only helps you to stay more grounded but also saves you a lot of energy. The trick here is, to find the edge of your opponent’s range so that you won’t need to cover much ground before you throw a punch.

3. Bounce with Both Feets

Another mistake that is more than enough to exhaust your complete energy is to pass your body weight from one leg to another. Bouncing off and landing on both legs allows you to balance your body weight more efficiently and thus change your direction more quickly.

Final Thoughts

Countinuouly bouncing around up and down allows boxers to stay light on their feet and change direction quickly while moving. It help boxers to cover more distance on the ground and move in and out of their opponent’s attack range.

Now you know exactly why boxers jump around up and down during their fight. Personally, I’m a big fan of footwork and believe that a good footwork can make or break someone’s game. What’s your take?

Priya Dorge | Cargofighter

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