Why Do Boxers Run? 5+ Benefits (Must-Read for Beginners)

You know how running can make a significant impact on your health and is one of the simple exercises to get started with. But, what about boxers? why do boxers run along with their daily training routine?

Many boxers prefer running because it benefits them in the ring in terms of improved cardiovascular fitness and enhanced endurance to get through 12 rounds of a boxing match. Running helps boxers to boost their confidence and overall mental health which allows them to perform at their optimal energy levels.

Let’s dig more into the benefits of running and let me explain why it becoming more popular among boxers:

What Are the Benefits of Running for Boxing?

Although many boxers have different opinions on the benefits of running, Here’re some of the most common benefits of running for boxers:

1. Effective Weight Management

On average, boxers burn almost 100 calories per mile they run. Running involves the movement of the entire body weight and thus burns more calories than most other activities.

No doubt, it takes work and consistency but all the efforts are worth it. A fit body keeps a boxer active and steady inside the ring which helps them to tackle the counter-attacks of opponents.

And that’s why many boxers integrate a running routine into their training as it cuts down the unnecessary fats from their body and controls their weight.

2. Improve Heart Rate

Consistent running of even 150 minutes per week can instantly improve heart health. Running reduces the workload and strengthens the muscle walls of the heart thus it starts to pump more amount of blood per beat.

Along with boxers’ resilience, running also positively impacts the overall performance and efficiency of the entire cardiovascular system.

It helps boxers to keep their blood pressure under control, lowers cholesterol levels, and improves the circulatory system. And also helps to carry healthy blood flow by preventing the formation of blood clots in vessels and arteries.

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3. Build Cardiovascular Fitness

Regardless of how you want to phrase it boxers need to express their fighting style, punching power, and speed for an extended period of time, and running helps them to delay that fatigue.

Boxing is anaerobic in nature and LSD running (Long, Slow, and Distance) is one of the tried-n-tested cardio exercises that allow them to build their aerobic capacity and get more endurance.

Consistent running habits stress the boxer’s cardiovascular system, allow them to focus on their recovery rate and breathing pattern so that they can have plenty of energy to survive complete 12 rounds of the match and perform at their optimal levels.

And guess what, the main advantage with running is, that boxers can adjust any variable as per their needs to achieve their own specific goal in a different way.

4. Enhanced Mental Health

In addition to physical toughness, boxing asks for mental fitness too and those early morning running laps help boxers to build their character and deeply ingrain discipline into their core.

Lots of boxers prefer ‘yoga’ to overcome anxiety and stress but running can also act similar to meditation in some aspects. According to one scientific study, running can diminish the long-term pressure on the brain.

To achieve such benefits boxers should concentrate on their breathing (inhale-exhale) while running, it increases the overall focus of the person.

It makes their mind feel better and calmer, increases the bloodstream in their brain, and elevates their overall mood for the day.

Also, running can be a huge confidence booster, especially when boxers start seeing results with their new habit in terms of their increased stamina and adding muscles.

Basically, it helps boxers to raise their self-esteem which is quite important during the initial part of their training and that’s the reason why more and more boxers seem to get attracted to running.

5. Better Vision

Better vision and punching accuracy of boxers are closely linked with each other. Good eyesight helps boxers to avoid opponents’ pre-planned attacks and allows to throw accurate jabs and hooks on them.

Cardio exercise like running increases the blood flow to the retina and optic nerve of the eye. This consequence may provide a better vision to a boxer and help them to improve their overall eye health up to some extent.

In fact, a study published back shows that people who run at least 5 miles a day for at least 5 days a week have more than 40% less risk of developing age-related vision loss.

Although more research and clarity are required in this field to make it more trustworthy. But according to some people, it’s due to the fact that running improves your heart’s health and control high blood pressure, both of which contribute to vision-related issues.

6. Cultivate Mindfulness

Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell, A running coach explains how running can help athletes to tune themselves into the presence and develop mindfulness.

It makes a boxer completely aware of surroundings, breathing, and body movements. Such attention and desire of completing run helps a person to attain a state of flow.

Running offers plenty of opportunities to set goals and achieve them immediately. In fact, I feel it’s a great way to burst Monday blues when you’re feeling like skipping out on your gym.

A couple of my friends who started running last month or two and seem to get more curious about meditation. Running helps boxers to align their thoughts and tap into the world of mental clarity.

I don’t know, how much should I write but Running is great! Here’re some of the FAQs:

How Many Miles Do Boxers Run?

On average, most boxers run 5 miles a day for 3 to 4 days a week, along with their gym training and sparring. Beginner boxers should run at least 15 miles a week and include interval training in the routine for better results.

Generally, boxers prefer to run long-distance early in the morning keeping their afternoon and evening free for their training. This routine allows them to develop their aerobic conditioning and stay fresh and energetic during their training.

What’s the Ideal Running Routine for Boxers?

Here’s the simple workout that I used to follow back them. it’s a simple routine suitable for you, whether you want to do roadwork or want to run on a treadmill.

  1. Warm up – 1 mile Slow Run
  2. Sprint – 100 meters
  3. Light Jog – 2 x 500 meters (1 minut break after each round)
  4. Sprint – 100 meters
  5. Continue Run – 5 x 500 meters (1 minut break after each round)
  6. Backward Run – 200 meters
  7. Sprint – 100 meters
  8. Walk to Cool Down

Else, check out this great video:

Final Thoughts

Running should be an essential part of any fighter’s game plan regardless of their level. It offers so many benefits that help them to showcase their skills inside the ring and stay consistent with their training.

Basically, I find running a funny yet effective way to improve our health and develop a cardio capacity. Remember to stay hydrated, tie your laces and be the boss of your game. Happy Boxing!

Priya Dorge | Cargofighter

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