Cruiserweight Boxing Weight Class: 7 Helpful Answers

As a beginner to boxing, you might encounter so many new terminologies and boxing weight division is one of them because there are 17 different weight classes are there in professional boxing.

The following are seven of the most common questions about Cruiserweight Boxing Weight Class:

What Weight Class is Cruiserweight in Boxing?

The weight class in the range of 176 Ibs to 200 Ibs is considered as a cruiserweight division in professional boxing. The initial weight limit decided by boxing authorities was only up to 190 Ibs, which later increased to 200 Ibs (around 90.7 Kg).

The world boxing committee (WBC) was the first authority body that introduces the cruiserweight weight class in boxing. Before that, every boxer that weighs anything between 175 pounds to 220 or 230 pounds, falls into the heavyweight division.

This is of course very unfair for boxers who are below 200 pounds and that’s why boxing officials decided to include this weight class.

What is the Average Height for Cruiserweight Boxing?

On average, 185 cm to 188 cm (around 6.15 feet) of height is considered a good height for the cruiserweight boxing division.

The average height for cruiserweight boxing is about 185 cm to 188 cm (around 6.15 feet). The current boxing cruiserweight champion is Lawrence Okolie, who is 6.4 feet.

But: there are some cruiserweight boxers like Dwight Braxton and Orlin Norris who won the championship title even at a height of 5.8 feet.

How Height is Important in Boxing?

As reach is a very important factor in boxing matches, taller boxers get an extra advantage due to their long hands and they are able to hit their opponents from a relatively long distance.

That’s why shorter boxers need to be faster and more speedy in terms of their body movements in both attacks and defense techniques.

Tall height can also become a disadvantage for some boxers as it significantly increases the weight of the person. That’s why they need to be more careful in terms of their weight and need to maintain their diet properly to fit in a particular weight class.

Who is Cruiserweight Boxing Champion?

Arsen Goulamiran is recognized by WBA as their cruiserweight boxing champion in 2019. Marvel Camel was the first boxing champion that win in the cruiserweight division by defeating Mate Parlov in 1980.

Top cruiserweight boxing champions

Mairis Briedis won the cruiserweight world champion title three times and is considered as one of the best cruiserweight boxers in 2021.

Johnny Nelson is the longest-reigning world cruiserweight champion of all time, who held the WBO championship title for 6 years. Some of the recent champions in this weight division are Ryad Merhy (2019), Lunga Makabu in WBC (2020), and Lawrence Okolie in WBO (2021).

Not to mention, Evander Holyfield, Carlos de Leon ( Four-time WBC Winner), Juan Gomez, and James Toney are some of the best cruiserweight boxers.

Top 10 CruiserWeight Boxers You Should Know

Check out this list:

Boxer NameWeightWeight Division
Muhammad Ali235 IbsHeavyweight
Anthony Joshua240 Ibs Super heavyweight
Mike Tyson220 IbsHeavyweight
Floyd Mayweather150 IbsFeatherweight
Evander Holyfield225 IbsHeavyweight
Tyson Fury278 IbsHeavyweight

How Heavy Gloves Should Cruiserweights Use?

According to the rules set for professional boxing competitions, cruiserweight boxers should use 14 oz to 16 oz gloves.

The size of the gloves is decided by the weight of the boxer. Gloves with a greater number of oz (ounces) come with more padding layers and thus provide more safety to you and your opponents.

Most people think that the heavier the gloves are, the harder they hit a person. but, it is not true because boxing gloves are actually cushioned from the inside.

So, when a boxer hits a punch by applying their whole body strength to it, gloves soften the blow of their hit. That’s why it’s always recommended for boxers with higher weights to use gloves with more ounces.

Is Cruiserweight Heavier than Heavyweight?

Heavyweight boxers are more heavier than cruiserweight boxers. For the cruiserweight division, the weight limit is up to 200 Ibs whereas the heavyweight division starts from 200 Ibs and has no upper weight limit.

The cruiserweight weight class is also known as junior heavyweight as it lies between light-heavyweight (weight limit of 175 Ibs) and Heavyweight division.

Can a Cruiserweight Fight a Heavyweight?

Cruiserweight boxers can fight with heavyweight boxers as there is no upper weight limit to the heavyweight division. In professional boxing, Any boxer has the right to fight in any particular weight class as long as he/she fits into the weight limits.

But genuinely speaking, the winning chances of heavyweight boxers are definitely more as they have relatively more knockout power and heavier punch as compared to lighter boxers from other weight classes.

Definitely, weight is a huge winning factor but when it comes to sports like boxing, fighting skills are also equally important. Because if you really master your fighting technique and becomes good at footwork and smooth body movement, you can even dominate a heavier boxer in the ring.

Evander Holyfield, Oleksandr Usky, and David Haye are some of the boxers who won championship titles and have successful careers in both cruiserweight and heavyweight categories.

Final Thoughts on Cruiserweight Boxing Weight Class

The inclusion of the cruiserweight division in boxing is truly one of the great decisions taken by the higher authority bodies. It not only allows smaller contenders to compete within their own category but also made boxing matches much fairer.

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