Floyd Mayweather Sr Record: 4 Things You Should Know

When it comes to the legendary players of the boxing world, no one can rule out one name: Floyd Mayweather Sr. He is a great American boxer who has a huge contribution towards this sport, both inside and outside the ring.

What is Floyd Mayweather Sr Record?

Floyd Mayweather’s Sr played 62 boxing matches in total (including professional bouts) and wins 56 out of them. His professional record is 28-6-1 as he played 35 fights, won 28 out of them, lost 6, and 1 match resulted in a draw.

Floyd Mayweather Sr

Floyd Mayweather Sr started his career in 1970 and was famous for his abstract defensive techniques. He win his first fight in 1974 against Ron Pettigrew in four rounds.

In 1977, he won a match against Miguel Barreto in Texax and claim the U.S. Championship Tournament Title.

In his professional bouts, he won 17 fights by knockout and 11 by decision whereas he lost a total of 6 fights (2 by knockout and 4 by decision). One of the popular fights he fought against Allen Braswell in 1982 also came to end as a draw.

Floyd Mayweather Sr Professional Boxing Record

Total fights 35
Wins 28 ( 17 by knockout and 11 by decision )
Loses 6 ( 2 by knockout and 4 by decision)
Draw 1

Who Did Floyd Mayweather Sr Lose To?

Floyd Mayweather Sr Loses against Tyrone Phelps (in 1975 ), Sugar Ray Leonard (in 1978), Marlon Starling (in 1981 and 1985), Clayton Hires (in 1984), and his match from Roger Turner (in 1990).

Floyd Mayweather Sr is one of the successful former professional boxers in America. He won his first four boxing matches consecutively but later on, 22 May 1975 he lose for the very first time against Tyrone Phelps and his record becomes 4-1 from 4-0.

Later in 1978 Sugar Ray Leonard and in 1981, Marlon Starling defeated Floyd Sr and records become 15-3. His career end was not so good as he lose his last three matches consecutively.

On Nov 3, 1990, Floyd Mayweather Sr played his last 35th professional fight against Roger Turner which he lose by ending up his career with a record of 28-6-1.

Whom Did Floyd Mayweather Sr Trained?

Floyd Mayweather is claimed as “The Greatest Trainer of All Time” on many occasions. As a trainer, he taught his unique defensive techniques (e.g shoulder roll) and his other clever boxing strategies to lots of well-known boxers.

Floyd Mayweather Sr has trained Chad Dawson who had won the NABF light heavyweight championship title. He was also a trainer of Joan Guzman (A former two-division champion) and Laila Ali who won a women’s championship title.

Famous boxer Oscar de La Hoya was also trained under him between 2001 to 2006. World-famous Boxer his son Floyd Mayweather Jr who had a record of 50-0 has also learned his defensive techniques from his father, Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Watch these Floyd Mayweather Sr’s Amazing Defensive Moves:

How Much is Floyd Mayweather Sr Net Worth 2021?

Floyd Mayweather Sr has a net worth of around $10 million which shows how successful his career was (source). Although he had done pretty decent magical performance in the boxing world but had done a fantastic job as a trainer.

But, If we compare it with his son Floyd Mayweather Jr, we get a big gap, in terms of net worth. Floyd Mayweather Jr’s net worth is about $505 million and his boxing records (50-0) were also far better than his father’s records.

The reason why Floyd Jr becomes so successful is his father. Floyd Sr was the first trainer of his son and started to teach him a lot of defensive techniques from childhood.

Final Verdicts

Personally, I love Floyd Mayweather Sr for his outspokenness. He was popular as a “Poet Laureate of Boxing” because he used to deliver poems for his opponents.

Also, who doesn’t remember the colorful outfits that he wears at different events and conferences? Truly, a great fighter who was the best in what he did at that time.

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