Why Are Boxing Shorts So High? 4 Helpful Facts [Must-Read]

Wondering why boxing shorts are so big and high up on their waist? Is it just some kind of weird fashion statement in the boxing industry or is there any logical reason behind the size of the boxer’s cloth? Let see:

So, Why Are Boxing Shorts So High?

Boxers wear shorts so high up on the waist to throw their opponent off by reducing the target area for attack. Also, loose shorts help boxers to stay cool by improving the air circulation while allowing them for comfortable body movements even with a big groin protection cup.

In this article, I’ll dig deep into the benefits of loose and baggy boxing shorts and explain to you exactly why almost all boxers prefer them:

Why Do Boxers Wear Big Shorts High Up on Waist?

Although many boxers tend to have different opinions about their trunks but almost every aspect of the boxer’s attire plays a crucial role in the match. here’re the top 4 reasons why many boxers prefer wearing long and big shorts high up on their waist:

1. To Reduce the Attack Area

Along with physical strength, the game of boxing also asks for tricks and strategies. Many boxers start wearing big shorts that are high up on their waist to gain a little unfair advantage by playing with the psychology of their opponent’s mind.

All the punches that hit below the imaginary line drawn between the top of hipbones are banned in boxing and boxing rules clearly state that points are only awarded to boxers for their clean punches that hit above this imaginary line.

Although, whether that particular blow was legal or not does determine by how high your shorts are but it works well to confuse both opponent and referee. Even if the referee makes the correct call for the blow, the crowd will start howling their eyes to claim it as a foul punch just because that area is not visible properly.

That’s why riding up your shorts is mostly considered as a nasty technique that allows boxers to reduce the attack area for your opponent’s target and make their job even more difficult during the match.

2. For Protection Cups

Another core reason why boxers wear long and baggy shorts is security concerns. Even though boxers are not allowed to hit below the belt but still groin protector is one of the most important pieces of gear, especially in contact sports like boxing.

In most cases, bigger groin cups provide more protection and that’s why many boxers prefer their security over their looks. These cups help boxers to protect their reproductive organs and avoid serious physical damage from both accidental and conscious attacks.

Also, these groin protector cups are usually worn quite high and that’s why boxers have no option but to wear baggy and loose shorts to reduce discomfort and leg movement restrictions by providing ample space around their groin area.

3. Sponsorships and Promotion

The focus of the sponsors is another cause why boxers’ shorts have grown in size over the period of boxing history. Boxing is turning into more of a commercial sport and fighters are looking for different ways to make some money from this industry.

Many superstar boxing champions like Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, and Conor Mcgregor give new heights to the boxing industry and suddenly the flood of sponsors wanted to advertise their name and brand logo through boxers shorts.

For Example: If you saw the fight between Manny Pacquiao against Floyd Mayweather fought in 2015, Pacquiao made almost 80 million dollars with 2.25 million dollars just by promoting sponsors through his shorts alone. Isn’t that crazy?

You may think, that’s an extreme example but there are a number of firms that pay boxers for the right to advertise on their shorts during their matches. It might seem silly, but advertisement is definitely one of the reasons behind modern baggy boxing shorts.

4. For Better Cooling and Comfort

Wearing big and loose shorts high up on the waist help boxers boost their mobility and avoid unwanted restrictions in their footwork while improving the blood circulation in their leg muscles.

Along with that, riding the short all the way up to their lower belly adds another layer of protection from the punches that are directed towards your core.

A professional boxing match contains 12 rounds of 3 minutes each, that’s why wearing baggy shorts not only saves them from over-heating during body movements but also provides comfort throughout the match.

If you think logically, there is not even a single reason why boxers should wear tighten shorts because, unlike MMA, kicks are not allowed in boxing.

Even though I am continuously mentioning big and baggy shorts here, but how exactly should they fit:

How Should Boxing Shorts Fit?

Boxing shorts can be loose and baggy from the downside but it should fit properly around your waist. It’s important to make sure that the waistband of your shorts is tightened and fits you comfortably, otherwise, it may slip off during your bout.

Also, the leg openings of the shorts should not be too tight around your thighs and come with enough room for you to easily bend and move around the boxing ring.

Why Do Boxers Wear Belts?

One of the main reasons why many boxers include a belt in their attire is to make decision-making easy for referees by indicating whether or not that particular blow was below the belt.

Along with that, wearing a belt also helps boxers to tighten their shorts around their waist and they can move freely around the ring without worrying about the fitting.

BUT: In the current time, more and more boxers are wearing their shorts and belts way too up to throw their opponent off from hitting their targets.

What Do Boxers Wear Under Their Shorts?

Boxers wear groin protectors underneath their shorts to protect their groin area from accidental or conscious lower blows. Some boxers also prefer to wear compression shorts under their trunks which helps promote blood flow into their leg muscles.

Although some people don’t like to wear such shorts (including me!) due to little more discomfort but they definitely enhance the overall performance while helping you to reduce your muscle fatigue.

Why Do Boxers Pour Water Down Their Shorts?

Boxers pour water down their shorts to cool down their crotch area, which is one of the heat centers of the body. Pouring down cold water not only makes their body more active but also delivers a surge of energy while helping them to regain their stamina.

Can Boxers Wear Pants?

Boxers can wear pants during matches but it can restrict their free leg movements. Boxing shorts help boxers for better cooling and allow for comfortable footwork while keeping the ample space around their groin area for air circulation.

Final Thoughts on Boxing Shorts

There are numerous reasons why boxers prefer to wear big shorts including their comfort, sponsorships, security, etc. Loose shorts not only helps them to stay cool throughout the fight but also allow them to reduce the discomfort due to protection cups.

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