Are Hayabusa Gloves Good? 9 Helpful Answers (Explained)

Hayabusa boxing gloves claim to be one of the few originals and best builders of boxing and training gloves. They have a pretty high brand value and are one of the fastest-growing boxing equipment manufacturers in the world.

But with so many competitors for boxing gloves on the market, it is fair to wonder how Hayabusa gloves stack up:

So, Are Hayabusa Gloves Good?

Hayabusa Fight is one of the premium brand in the fighting gear world, primarily in boxing and Muay Thai. Hayabusa gloves are known and recommended for their highest performance, manufacturing standards, and consistent improvement, which makes them one of the top-tier brand in terms of comfort, protection, and durability.

A Brief History of Hayabusa Gloves

The history of the Hayabusa brand began in 2006 when a group of four people (Ken Clement, Craig Clement, David Zikakis, and Luke Harris) identified a need in the market for a one-stop solution for the new era of athletes.

They get started with some of the fundamental gear every fighter requires that includes fight gloves, rash guards, and fight shorts, but currently have a huge collection of a range of martial arts gear.

Over the years, Hayabusa has successfully been able to curate its process while maintaining a research-based approach to its product lines. Each of their new models goes through a pretty straightforward process of conceptualizing, designing, and then testing parameters.

They own several test grounds and have license agreements with independent gyms where they test their new gears and check for different driving factors in order to launch the best equipment in terms of protection, fit, feel, and most importantly, comfort and safety.

That’s why they won a couple of awards in a range of categories and made partnerships with various global brands including Marvel, St. Laurene college, and some other universities.

Personally, I like the way they work on their philosophy called Kaizen, which let them continuously learn in terms of product development, performance research, or business processes to increase the quality bar and fulfill the need of each and every boxing fan.

Where Are Hayabusa Gloves Made?

Hayabusa gloves are manufactured in their production units situated across various locations including Thailand, Canada, and the USA. They also have a factory in China where they produced some of their low-budget gear for obvious reasons.

Headquartered in Kingstone, Canada, Hayabusa recently set up its new global distribution center in Las Vegas to refine its supply chain and expand its reach across the whole world.

Hayabusa funded a lot of research studies related to combat sports and fitness in general at some of the major universities like the University of Waterloo and the University of Cincinnati.

All of their upcoming glove models are greatly influenced by these research data as well as the on-ground user feedback. That’s the reason why they are able to stand out from the crowd and offer us excellent quality fighting equipment at a competitive price range.

Are Hayabusa Gloves Comfortable?

The biggest reliability factor of Hayabusa gloves comes from the amazing feeling they offer you. Hayabusa uses high-quality leather integrated with multi-layer foam padding for better protection and wrist support.

I also like their unique designs that give you excellent comfort, in terms of finger compartment and attached thumb placement, without compromising on the performance at all.

They have developed a reputation for being one of the most consistent yet variable wakes in the industry. This is due to their constant improvement in the gears and more focused approach towards customer satisfaction.

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How Long Do Hayabusa Gloves Last?

On average, Hayabusa gloves are expected to last for around 1.5 to 2 years, considering you use them 3 to 4 times per week. The durability of Hayabusa gloves became one of their central features, beyond their excellent performance and highly comfortable experience.

Although I observed some disagreements on some of the online forums and boxing websites but that’s not in terms of longevity but more in terms of the bad odor and maintenance of the gloves.

Some owners have posted lists of failures during their first few weeks of heavy training. Others have had their Hayabusa gloves for almost two years and had no problems at all.

The exact average life expectancy of Hayabusa gloves is a little difficult to ascertain with surety, as most boxers that comment on forums have treated their gloves differently and have different expectations based on their own needs.

Are Hayabusa Gloves Good for Sparring?

Hayabusa gloves are one of the best choices for sparring, especially for beginner fighters who recently started with the sport and want to safeguard their hands and wrist as much as possible.

Firm padding and the amount of protection Hayabusa gloves offers us is one of the key reason why most of trainers recommend these brand for sparring gloves.

Although you can use some of their training gloves for sparring too, provided they’re the right weight, but Hayabusa also launched some models including their Marvel series and H series that are high on protection and provides a great sparring experience.

Most of their gloves come with sufficient layers of foam padding, allow for natural hand position, and offer excellent protection to both your knuckles as well as your sparring partner.

What Are The Typical Problems with Hayabusa Gloves?

One of the most common complaints about Hayabusa gloves concerns the bad smell and lack of proper wrist support in their entry-level models.

Several boxers reported their gloves are a little bit tighter than standard size and feel weird when worn with hand wraps. However, there does not seem to be a consistent pattern, so it isn’t easy to categorize it as a typical problem.

Other typical current complaints involve their craftsmanship and material in their budget options. Most of these seem to be made from cheaper materials to bring the cost down, and many boxers are facing breaking stitches after heavy usage.

Can You Wash Hayabusa Gloves?

The best way to clean and maintain your Hayabusa gloves is by wiping them down, air drying them after every training session, and washing them at most twice a month.

You can also wash Hayabusa gloves in the washing machine but excess contact with the cleaning agent can damage the foam padding and increases the wear and tear of the gloves’ outer casing.

Not just Hayabusa gloves but it’s not recommended to wash any of the professional boxing gloves frequently because once detergent gets soaked inside the padding, it significantly increases the degradation of gloves and reduces their overall lifespan.

My Final Thoughts on Hayabusa Gloves

Overall, Hayabusa gloves are great in terms of their comfortability, protection as well as their aesthetic designs. They offers a wide range of gloves that serve everyone’s need from beginners to the professional boxing players.

I assure you that you’re going to love the feeling, when you put the nice pair of Hayabusa gloves and get mentally ready to kick start your training session.


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