Are Venum Boxing Gloves Good? 9 Helpful Answers (Explained)

Venum gloves is a company that designs and manufactures a wide range of boxing gloves, from beginners to the professional level.

They are one of the fastest-growing brands of boxing equipment in the US and are known for their gloves’ unique designs and excellent craftsmanship. If you are looking at getting Venum boxing gloves, here’s what you need to read first:

So, Are Venum Boxing Gloves Good?

Venum boxing gloves are built with the best quality materials available to produce highly comfortable and long-lasting boxing gloves. They produce a range of gloves in various sizes and deliver consistent value to the wide boxing audience. Each glove is built using modern custom-calibrated equipment, highly trained personnel, and top-quality craftsmen.

A Brief History of Venum Boxing Gloves

The history of the Venum brand began in 2004 when Franck Dupuis, then a salesman at IBM, decided to quit his promising career and revolutionize the world of combat sports.

He is one of those early people who created an E-commerce website dedicated to martial arts in order to make access to quality equipment more simple and streamlined.

In early 2005-2006, Venum came up with what the market lacked. High-quality equipment and unique, catchy, and original designs. They strategically positioned their products in the emerging MMA market and completely disrupted their competition.

After such a grand success in both the apparel and equipment categories, 2018 was another turning point for them when they launch their pro boxing range.

With more than 12 years of experience in the combat sports industry, they launched a range of boxing equipment backed up by emerging technology and their on-ground market research to fulfill the need of true boxing fans.

Where Are Venum Boxing Gloves Made?

Since 2010, Venum gloves have been made in Thailand. After removing the production unit from Brazil, they were successfully able to set up their huge production plant in Thailand to manufacture high-quality equipments at a reasonable price range.

Due to their constant innovation and thirst to drive positive change in the market, they became Thailand’s biggest manufacturer and also the biggest exporter of the global martial arts market.

The company currently employs more than 70 people in the US alone. Franck Dupuis is still the owner and chairman of Venum and other subsidiary brands that came under their name.

Are Venum Boxing Gloves Comfortable?

Venum boxing gloves typically comes with a multi-layer foam padding that not only enhances the way it feels but also provides you great comfort without compromising a bit in your protection.

Almost all the venum gloves models has a natural thumb position and a medium to soft density padding on the palm side. This whole profile help these gloves to standout in the market and left you with an amazing experience of premium gear.

How Long Do Venum Boxing Gloves Last?

On average. Venum boxing gloves are expected to last for around 1 to 2 years, considering you use them 3 times per week. The longevity of Venum boxing gloves became one of their central features, beyond their highly comfortable experience.

It’s quite easy to find online testimonials related to the longevity of Venum boxing gloves. Here’s one typical example:

I really like the roomier fit of the Venum Elites that I brought last year. They seem durable and so far they’re offering great protection when I’m hitting the bag, and they’re also a little larger than the Ringside Apex. Your hands get sweaty, I guess the ventilation isn’t the greatest…[Source: Reddit]

The exact average life expectancy of Venum boxing gloves is a little difficult to ascertain with surety, as most boxers that comment on forums have treated their gloves differently and have different expectations based on their own needs.

However, most people say that they get over 400 hours from their gloves. Assuming a weekly average of 5 hours in the training, it translates to almost one and half years of expected life.

Are Venum Boxing Gloves Good for Sparring?

Venum boxing gloves are some of the best and highly comfortable pair of gloves for sparring. They mostly made out of leather material nicely stitched across foam padding I also like the wrist strap of venum gloves that prevent them from slipping off throughout the sparring session.

If you’re specifically looking for a sparring gloves, I would highly recommend you to check out these Venum Impact boxing gloves (read my detailed review) that are designed to provide great feel and overall perfect sparring experience.

Can You Wash Venum Boxing Gloves?

The best way to clean your Venum boxing gloves is by wiping them down with a piece of cloth and air dry them after every training session.

You should never wash any of the professional boxing gloves in the washing machine as cleaning agent can rinse and significantly damage the padding as well the outer casing of the gloves.

Here’s my quick guide to clean your boxing gloves in a right way!

What Are The Typical Problems with Venum Gloves?

After going through some of the active boxing forums, I notice there are very few typical problems with Venum boxing gloves. From the starting of their journey, Venum gloves are popular for their attention to detail and quality products, which shows in the lack of complaints.

Still, no brand is perfect, and problems do occur from time to time.

Majority of complaints concerns their cheap and inexpensive models about unnatural thumb and also about the use of synthetic material. However, this is not specific to Venum, as any gloves brand have the same issues.

While there are a few more complaints, none are widespread, and all seem to be individual preferences, such as some boxers didn’t like the feel of polyester nylon material.

My Final Thoughts on Venum Boxing Gloves

Overall, Venum boxing gloves are great in terms of protection, comfortability, and their original designs. They offers a wide range of gloves that serve everyone from beginners as well as professional boxing players.

If you’re a beginner or seasoned pro boxer, Venum boxing gloves are not going to let you down!


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