Boxing Gloves in the Washing Machine? (3 Helpful Notes)

Having sweaty boxing gloves is very common, especially after an energetic boxing training session or heavy workouts. That’s why it’s important to clean your gloves often to keep them free from any stinky smells.

So, Can you Put Boxing Gloves in the Washing Machine?

You can put boxing gloves in the washing machine to properly clean them and get rid of any bad odor, bacteria, or oil-n-dirt. But it is usually not recommended, especially for gloves with genuine leather, because cleaning agents can speed up the wear and tear of material while decreasing their lifespan significantly.

Unfortunately, just throwing your gloves into the washer is not sufficient. Further in this guide, I will also share some of my personal tips that will help you to keep your boxing gloves fresh for years.

Which Boxing Gloves Are Machine Washable?

Boxing gloves that comes with an outer casing of artificial leather material, whether it a PU, Faux, or Rexene, are machine washable. They usually have a closed cell foam design that doesn’t absorb a lot of water and also dry pretty quickly after wash.

On the other hand:

If you have an expensive pair of boxing gloves that comes with a genuine leather casing and dense foam padding, it’s not recommended to put them inside the washing machine.

That’s because, the cleaning agents will not only rip your gloves off but also speed up the wear and tear of your gloves. Also, in worst situations, it will take a whole week sometimes to completely dry them which might develop a bad smell and encourage mold to grow.

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How to Wash Boxing Gloves in the Washing Machine?

Here’s my easy to follow step-by-step guide:

  1. Place a piece of towel in the bottom of washing machine to protect your gloves
  2. Keep the gloves inside the pillowcase before putting them in the machine
  3. Add a two tablespoon of detergent and rinse the gloves in cold water
  4. Start the washing machine on a gentle cycle
  5. Run through the two cycles (10 minutes each) to ensure complete cleaning
  6. Do not put gloves in the machine with other laundry items
  7. Hand your gloves overnight for air dry

Just make sure the velcro strap or the laces are not getting entangled with each other and the detergent you’re using is not too harsh.

How Often to Clean Boxing Gloves?

Most boxers should wash their gloves at least once per week. Give them a quick wipe down and air dry after every training session to remove any moisture or bad smell. Also consider rinsing or disinfecting them once in a while for extra protection against bacterial buildup.

Can You Put Boxing Gloves in the Dryer?

Boxing gloves should not be put in the dryer after washing because it can possible ruin the complete texture of your gloves. It’s always recommended to air dry them overnight, but if you do not have time, you can use hand dryer carefully or use paper towels to remove excess moisture.

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Other Methods to Clean your Boxing Gloves

While it is possible to wash your boxing gloves in the washing machine, but if you don’t want to take a risk of ruining your expensive gloves, here’re some of the traditional ways to clean and get rid of the bag smell from your boxing gloves:

1. Using Gloves Stuffing

The primary purpose of cleaning your boxing gloves is to remove sweat and dirt from the inside. Stuffing is one of the popular and tested ways to clean your boxing gloves without any issues.

All you have to do is stuff something inside the glove and air it out. You can try using newspaper or even your socks will do the job.

You can also buy boxing glove stuffing online, also known as glove dogs (Link to Amazon) which basically are small cotton bags filled with cedar chips.

They are quite helpful to absorb the excessive moisture in the gloves, in fact, it is one of the effective ways to clean your gloves properly while restoring their freshness.

2. Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Take one spoon of apple cider vinegar in your hand and rub it properly from the inside of your gloves. Simply dry the gloves overnight and you’ll end up with a fresh and clean boxing gloves in the next morning.

No doubt, it’s one of the easiest way to get rid of the stinky smell but keep in mind, it doesn’t work much effectively if your gloves are too much dirty.

3. Using Baking Powder

Even if it seems to be funny but using a baking soda powder is one of the old-school way to restore the freshness of your gloves. Arrange some paper towels, a pair of old socks, and of course baking powder to follow:

  • Use the paper towels to wipe out inside as well as the outside of your gloves
  • Fill both the socks with baking powder and tie a knot at the ends
  • Put those socks in each of the glove and leave them overnight

Baking soda will absorb all the moisture as well as the bad-odor from the gloves and freshen them up for the next training sessions.

4. Using Anti-Bacterial Spray

This is by far the easiest way to clean your boxing gloves. Anti-bacterial spray is not only easy to use but also very easy to carry in your gym bag itself.

Simply buy a good anti-bacterial spray online (like this) and use it after every two to three sparring or training sessions. Don’t forget to hang your gloves in some fresh air after spraying to make sure that they won’t irritate your skin.

Even if you’re cleaning your gloves with any other method, it is recommended to use such sprays once in a while if your gloves are too dirty or developed a thick stench [1]. It will remove all the bacterial buildup and make your gloves ready-to-use overnight.

My Personal Tips to Keep your Boxing Gloves Fresh

After your boxing session, regardless of whether it is a sparring session or you just work out with a punching bag, don’t forget to clean your gloves before putting them directly into the gym bag.

I usually start with the outer casing of the gloves and wipe out the sweat with any damp piece of cloth to avoid any stains.

After that, make sure to properly air dry your gloves. It would be great if you can put them outside in the fresh air for an hour or two, otherwise, you can also use a blowing fan.

To make sure that your gloves are completely dry, weigh them if possible. If they weigh almost equal to the original buying weight, you did a great job!

These few steps only help you to keep your boxing gloves odor-free and fresh for the next couple of training sessions. You can also use an appropriate deodorizer that is free from any kind of irritating or toxic material for the even better health of your gloves in the long run.

Do not even try to put your gloves out in the sun or use a hot air blower to dry your gloves quickly. It will shrink the foam padding and eventually damages the outer casing completely.

I hope this guide help you to decide whether or not you want wash your gloves straight into the washing machine and what are some other safe and traditional ways to do so.

Let me know, if you’re aware about any strange cleaning method you came across! 🙂

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