Apple Watch with Boxing Gloves? 5 Helpful Notes (Explained)

You might already be aware of how intelligent Apple Watch is. It comes with lots of sensors that allow it to monitor your fitness levels pretty accurately. However, very few people know that the Apple Watch can also be used for tracking your boxing progress.

In this article, I’ll dig deep into the various aspects of this topic and explain to you exactly how you can use your Apple Watch with your boxing gloves to get fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever before.

Can I Wear My Apple Watch with Boxing Gloves?

Apple watch series 2 and newer can be used with gloves for training and other boxing workouts. Although these watches are strong enough to withstand the varying degrees of intensity and impacts of sparring but it is recommended to wear the Apple Watch only during training sessions.

How to Wear Apple Watch with Boxing Gloves?

The Apple Watch is a great tool for modern-day boxers. It has a ton of features and benefits that help boxers track their training progress, set workout goals, and stay motivated.

There are two ways to wear an Apple Watch while boxing: either on the wrist or on the ankle.

When you wear the watch on your wrist, you can easily see all the information on the screen whereas when you wear it around your ankle, you have to take off your gloves in order to see what time it is or what notifications are coming in.

Also, the watch is designed to be worn on the wrist and that’s why does not work efficiently, especially for workout monitoring, when you wear it on your ankles.

Here are my recommended gym gloves that you can wear inside the boxing gloves. These OCR gloves come with a slit in the wrist wrap where you can comfortably wear your apple watch without any worry.

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Benefits of Wearing Apple Watch with Boxing Gloves

It’s a no-brainer that tracking your boxing workout is definitely going to help you in the long term. Here’re some of the key benefits the apple watch offers, especially for boxing:

  1. Apple Watch is a great fitness tracker and it comes with a number of features that makes your workout much more interesting.
  2. The Apple Watch comes with a special boxing mode that allows you to record very helpful data like the number of punches you threw, the power or speed of your punches, the duration of each sparring session, etc.
  3. It also comes with a built-in accelerometer sensor that can monitor your heart rate and record all your body movements pretty accurately.
  4. The Apple Watch can be used as a training partner for various workouts such as running, skipping, and heavy bag drills where you just need somebody to count or keep track of how long you’re punching for.
  5. It can also be used as a diet tracker that can track your calorie intake and provide additional suggestions for better results.
  6. It comes with an amazing fitness tracker that tracks your day-to-day activities and can help you maximize your workouts by measuring the intensity of your training and how much energy you’re burning throughout the workout session.
  7. Some people also like to use their watch to improve on their punching time by getting feedback on their attacking techniques.
  8. You can also set reminders on your Apple watch so you won’t spend extra time on any particular kind of exercise.
  9. Nicely drawn progress reports motivates you to push yourself and do better by showing your performance over time.

Drawbacks of Wearing Apple Watch with Boxing Gloves

The main drawback of wearing the Apple Watch with boxing gloves is that the gloves may interfere with some of the sensors on the watch and introduce errors in the data.

Apple watch comes with lots of features that measure heart rate, and calories burned, and detect when you fall. All these sensors on the watch are very essential to its function.

If you wear your Apple Watch with boxing gloves, it can potentially hamper and even damage these sensors and makes it difficult for these sensors to read your heart rate and monitor other records.

Another drawback of wearing an apple watch while boxing is its safety. To be frank, these are quite expensive gadgets and are vulnerable to get serious damage, especially during contact sports like boxing.

How to Add Boxing to the Apple Watch?

There are mainly two applications that I recommend in order to track your boxing progress:

Your first option is the “Workout” application where you can add “Boxing Workout”. Simply scroll down to the bottom and click on the “Add a workout” option to choose “Boxing” from the popup list.

Punch tracker is another application that allows tracking your boxing training. It uses your watch’s accelerometer and processes that data to calculate your punching power. It also showcases some funny characters on the screen who corresponds to the power of your punch.

My Final Thoughts

The Apple Watch is a great device for tracking your body movements and other daily activities in order to achieve your fitness goals. Along with the usual workouts, it can also be used to track more specific workouts like boxing training routines.

When you wear an Apple Watch with boxing gloves, it’s not just a fitness tracker, but a whole package wrapped with lots of features that makes your training session much more entertaining and focused.