Best Color for Boxing Gloves? (Ultimate Guide 2023)

All the boxing gloves brands are launching their gloves in plenty of different colors and as a result, you’re left with a lot of options to choose from.

What is the Best Color for Boxing Gloves?

The best colors for boxing gloves are red and black due to their powerful and intimidating presence. Some boxers also prefer blue or sometimes vibrant shades (purple and pink) for their psychological significance. Ultimately choosing the best boxing gloves color depends on personal choice and desired impact.

Further in this article, I’ll explain you significance of each color and also provide a quick guide that helps you to pick the best color that resonates with your personality and style: Keep reading…

Does Boxing Gloves Color Matter?

A large number of studies show that color can significantly influence the overall performance of the athlete. I know color psychology will only have a marginal influence on your match but that might be enough in your case to push the odds in your favor!

Personally, I do think the color of your boxing gloves matters in boxing. For example, red color is associated with something profound and pre-conscious in a way that helps you to increase your energy levels.

The color you choose for your sports gear not only sets the tone of your mood for the entire match but can also be associated with the consistency of the number of effort you’re actually putting into the game.

best color for boxing gloves

In fact, many researchers that are working in this field also believe that when you wear your favorite color gloves, it can elevate your mood and increase your chances of delivering great performance.

Statistically speaking, the chances of winning the boxer in the red corner (and thus with red gloves) is a little higher as compared to the blue one. Whether you want to believe in color psychology or not, but the math doesn’t lie.

Along with that, it’s important to understand, we do not perceive colors in the same way. For instance, females tend to have more color receptors than males, which means the color of the gloves has a more psychological effect on female boxers. (source)

Top Boxing Gloves Color and Their Significance

Even though it’s very exciting to getting pick your glove’s color, you need to understand that it does not offer any athletic benefits directly.

The main purpose here is to intimidate your opponent while allowing you to express your personality to the fullest:

1. Red Boxing Gloves

This is by far the most common and widely accepted color for boxing gloves.

Red boxing gloves are more popular because they represent power and elevate boxers’ energy levels while positively influencing the fighting spirit. It not only sets the tone of the match but also helps in hiding any blood strains to reduce the violent image of boxing.

Many people think that red gloves are meant for the fastest and more aggressive boxers. That’s why some fighters wear them to show off their reflexes and attacking speed.

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2. Blue Boxing Gloves

Blue is another color that is equally popular and classic in the boxing world and showcases exactly the opposite psychological effect.

Blue boxing gloves signify the calm, truthful, and honest nature of the boxers and typically wore by middleweight boxers who want to fight defensively. This color also helps you with your reflexes and delivers more relaxed yet strong vibes during a match.

Some people say that the blue color helps boxers improve the speed of their punches while reducing their footspeed, but I didn’t find any clear evidence with regard to this statement.

3. Black Boxing Gloves

Apart from red and blue color gloves, black boxing gloves are also getting very popular in professional boxing matches, because it gets easily blend into the eye-sight and allows boxers to concentrate fully on the fight.

Black boxing gloves represent the aggressive and focused nature of a fighter. Typically black boxing gloves are used by those who want to get better at blocking and want to showcase that they are prepared for the fight both mentally as well as physically.

4. White Boxing Gloves

White boxing gloves represent the power and muscular strength of a fighter. I rarely saw white color gloves in professional boxing matches because they are typically used by boxers who want to protect their hands from serious injury.

5. Purple Boxing Gloves

Purple color is also starting to gain popularity, especially among the fighters that compete in mixed martial arts (MMA).

Purple boxing gloves signify the individuality as well as the uniqueness of a fighter. Some say, it impacts your speed and agility and is typically worn by those who want to show off their quick strikes and reflexive attacking moves.

6. Pink / Orange Boxing Gloves

Pink and orange gloves represent the mental toughness, strength, and endurance of a boxer due to their reliability with the red color.

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How to Choose the Best Color for Boxing Gloves?

As a beginner boxer, when choosing a flawless pair of boxing gloves, its color also plays a significant role. After reading what each color actually signifies, here’s a quick guide that will help you to decide which color to go with:

1. Use case

As a general rule, if you’re not competing in any competition and looking for a pair of gloves specifically for your training purposes then you can go with literally any color that attracts you the most.

Still here’re some of my recommendations:

  • Bag Gloves: If you’re buying a new pair of boxing gloves for the purpose of hitting heavy bags, you can go with simple black gloves.
  • Training Gloves: If you’re planning to double down on your training, then choose your favorite color that stimulates you to push harder and harder.
  • Sparring Gloves: I would usually recommend sticking with standard red gloves for sparring.
  • Cardio Gloves: For cardio and other gym exercises, either red or blue gloves would be perfect.

2. Competition Level

This is one of the major factors that can put limitations on your color options.

If you’re competing in an Olympics, interclub competition, or any other traditional boxing match, it is compulsory to use only red and blue boxing gloves. This is usually done to differentiate between the fighters easily and make the monitoring process much simpler.

Some colors have proven to have some psychological benefits, that’s why amateur boxing has some strict rules for the color and you have no option but to follow them in order to take part in the competition.

On the other hand:

Professional boxing tournaments usually don’t have any strict rules regarding colors. In such competitions, many boxers seem to prefer either standard black or complete white gloves but you’re allowed to pick any color you like.

3. Personality and Preference

No matter what I recommend, if your personal style doesn’t resonate with that color, you will constantly feel something odd. Some boxers do not even repeat the color of boxing gloves whereas some prefer to stick to one color for every boxing match.

It all boils down to your personal preference unless you’re competing in any traditional boxing competition which required you to wear only red or blue gloves.

Let’s play a quick rapid-fire round here:

  1. Which is the most comfortable color for you?
  2. Which color do you like the most in general?
  3. Which color complements your boxing shorts?
  4. Would you prefer to hide or see the wear and tear?

Time-Tested Gloves-n-Pants Color Combinations

Here’re some of the popular color combinations that you can consider if you don’t want to go with a standard red and blue theme:

BoxerGloves ColorShorts Color
Errol Spence JrBlue-BlackBlack & White
Errol Spence JrWhiteWhite
Jermell CharloBlackBlack & Orange
Jermell CharloSilverBlack & White
Ryan GarciaBlue & RedBlue & Red
Tank DavisWhiteYellow
Errol Spence JrLime GreenLime Green

My Final Thoughts on Boxing Gloves Color

Even though the color of the boxing gloves definitely creates a little impact on your opponent, but it’s not the only factor that decides the result. There is not even a single study that proves how the color of the gloves directly improves athletic performance.

Personally, I would recommend choosing your favorite color for your gloves that motivates you to practice the sport and push your limits. Just don’t go overboard with something like bright yellow, which is extremely distracting while sparring.

That’s why instead of going into the rabbit hole to pick the best color gloves, I would strongly suggest you to focus on your training that actually decides whether or not you’re a good boxer.

If you find this helpful guide interesting, make sure you read my other articles too! 🙂

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