Why Are Winning Gloves So Expensive? (Honest Review 2023)

Undoubtedly, boxing gloves are one of the most important things that you can add to your boxing kit. A high-quality pair of boxing gloves can potentially save you from a serious hand injury. But, before making a purchase, you wanted to know:

What makes Winning Gloves so Expensive?

Winning boxing gloves are expensive because they require high-quality material and more time for the complex process of handmade production. These made-in-Japan gloves have better build quality, consistent layers of padding, and inside lining, and thus offer better protection and long-lasting durability.

Why are Winning Gloves so Expensive?

In this article, I’ll help you to explore the various aspects of Winning boxing gloves and try to explain how they impact the price. So, here’s the complete breakdown behind the cost of winning gloves and what makes them so special:

1. Winning’s Brand Reputation

Winning gloves are into the game for more than two decades now and what that means is, that they know what they are doing.

And most importantly people are liking it. That’s why these gloves always stay at a little elevated price range.

Almost everybody wants to wear winning gloves because that’s what pro boxers are doing. This is one of the reasons why winning gloves are becoming more of an industry standard and a kind of status symbol for amateur boxing players.

2. Excellent Build Quality

Winning is a made-in-Japan handmade pair of gloves. I attached an “Excellent” with this brand for a reason. Japan is considered a country of excellence. With some exceptions here and there, everything they do is so well-thought and perfectly engineered.

why are winning gloves so expensive

The first thing that everyone notices is, that it’s well-constructed full genuine leather gloves with really nice stitching and satin finishing on the top.

I like the way how they are trying their best to make their product high quality in terms of durability, protection, support, value for money, and everything.

3. Consistent Protective Layers

Apart from the build quality, brand power, and all that stuff another thing that distinguishes winning gloves from other brands is their protective layers.

I love how its cushion is so appropriately soft with remarkable consistency throughout your knuckle area. It not only provides you enough protection for your hands but also gives you that good-old feeling of a strong hit while doing the heavy bag workout.

It really protects your hands so well but at the same time, it’s soft enough that you can use them for sparring and won’t beat up your buddy.

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4. Comfort Factor

Winning’s highly comfortable and unique design is another key reason why fighters are ready to pay a little premium for these boxing gloves.

Take a look at this sharp, small, and thin thumb design. Unlike other gloves that come with big and flappy thumbs, Winning’s team is trying to make it more like a human thumb.

winning gloves 2

You can see, how it’s a little curvy inside which makes it much more comfortable.

Along with that: These gloves also perform really well in terms of wrist support.

Just because winning boxing gloves comes with soft padding, that doesn’t mean they will let you down in terms of wrist support.

Thanks to their well-placed structure with one small strip followed by another big supporting strip for better and more comfortable hand movements.

5. Long-Lasting Durability

Winning gloves are time-tested by lots of professional boxers and MMA fighters and they have expressed their satisfaction a number of times with this brand.

As said earlier, these gloves are made out of genuine leather with a tough exterior, that’s already superior to most of the materials out there. Thanks to their longevity, these gloves are able to serve you comfort for quite a period of time.

6. Inside Lining

This is another thing that sets these gloves aside from other available options. Do you want my opinion?

Winning has the best inside lining among almost all other boxing gloves brands. A well-stitched lining makes it so easy to slide my hands in and out of the gloves, especially when I have hand wraps on.

What that means is, that you don’t have to completely loosen up the gloves, slide your hand and then tight it again. Great, right?

winning gloves 1

It’s all these small things that make winning gloves much more enjoyable for everyday use and that’s the reason why people buy them even though they are a little more expensive than other boxing gloves brands.

Disadvantages of Winning Boxing Gloves

When people wear a pair of winning gloves, they obviously kept their expectations at a higher level. And maybe that’s why one thing that I commonly heard is:

Winning gloves required high maintenance!

You need to remember that gloves with genuine leather required much more care and maintenance as compared to those with synthetic exterior coats.

This is not limited to Winning gloves only. If you’re seeking the benefits of leather and don’t want to settle with a synthetic material, you have no option but to handle the gloves properly.

Along with that:

Some people also don’t like winning gloves because they think it’s too soft and pillowy and takes away their effect of feeling powerful while punching. But honestly, I don’t think it’s that much of an issue because it’s more of a personal choice.

Definitely, there are some boxing gloves available online that come with denser cushions and give you more smack and pop when hit, but they have their own downsides too.

Best Winning Boxing Gloves to Buy in 2023

When you’re picking which Winning’s glove is best for you as a beginner, you need to be very honest with yourself.

Know yourself and choose the glove size that you can handle. You need to think about everything from its fitting, closure type, and it’s appearance. Know your skill level as well as your budget and choose the pair that won’t overwhelm you.

Personally, I have used Winning 10oz MS300 gloves (Link to Amazon) and Winning gloves 16oz MS600B (Link to Amazon).

They are both absolutely brilliant in terms of their protective layers, comfort level, and build quality, However, I do feel that one of these models might prove a better ‘fit’ for you than the other.

If you are more on the side of the velcro and don’t want to rely on someone to lace up your gloves, you’re going to love these MS600B pair, which also come with an anti-thumbing style, best suited for training purposes.

BUT: If you’re looking for sparring gloves or lightweight gloves for stuff like mitt work or double-ended bags, Winning MS300 is the better option for you.

If you’re an enthusiast and enjoy high-quality gear, I do believe that these are the pair of boxing gloves that are best for you. Pick something you like and that you’re comfortable with. Good luck choosing one, have fun out there!

Are Winning Gloves Worth It?

Winning gloves are undoubtedly the best boxing gloves both in terms of their build quality as well as their protective layers. Their consistent padding allows you for comfortable hand movements while reducing the chances of injury to a greater extent.

How Much Do Winning Gloves Cost?

Winning boxing gloves cost approximately $150-200 for an entry-level pair of gloves. Intermediate-level Winning’s gloves cost around $250-300, whilst professional-level gloves often cost around $600.

The price is mainly dictated by the layers of padding, high-quality materials, and personalized touch by skilled workers.

How Long Do Winning Gloves Last?

Winning gloves can last for around 2 years even with a regular boxer. But, it is recommended that you should change your boxing gloves at least once every year. This depends on how often you do heavy training and how well you maintain your gear.

Final Thoughts on Winning Boxing Gloves?

If you are thinking about taking the game of boxing seriously and want to protect your hands in the long run for the next 10 years or 20 years, winning gloves are one of the best things you can buy.

According to me, these winning pairs feel like precision tools and are more geared toward your protection. Clean look, clean styling, great functioning, enough protection, what else one can ask for?

I hope this guide helps you to decide whether winning is for you. You can ping me through the contact page if you have any questions. Thanks. 🙂

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