Are Adidas Boxing Gloves Good? 7 Quick Answers (Explained)

Adidas is a brand of competitively-priced boxing gloves that is quite popular across the United States of America and has dealers in other parts of the world.

With their high visibility and availability in the shoe market, It’s very common to wonder how good their boxing gloves are.

So, Are Adidas Boxing Gloves Good?

Adidas boxing gloves are built with quality materials available to produce highly comfortable and performance-oriented gloves. While they are not as highly regarded as the upper tier of boxing glove brands such as Hayabusa, they are solidly built and have a very good value.

A Brief History of Adidas Boxing Gloves

Adidas brand was founded around the mid-1900s and started with the design and manufacturing of shoes, clothing, and accessories. Thanks to its founder Dassler, Adidas become one of the largest sports brands in the Europe and second largest in the world.

After such a grand success in both the apparel and shoes categories, 2007 was another turning point for them when they launch their lacrosse equipment series.

Under the brand name “Adidas Lacrosse”, they started offering a wide range of sports accessories including jerseys, shorts, shoes, shafts, gloves, and a few other protective gears.

Their gloves are mostly known for their extra comfort and protection. Everlast always tries to offer us superior protection and comfort without compromising on performance.

With more than 60 years of experience in the sports industry, Adidas is continuously trying to stand out in the glove industry by combining its ongoing research and customer-first approach to serve the need of every boxing fan.

Where Are Adidas Boxing Gloves Made?

Adidas boxing gloves are manufactured in their production units situated across various locations in Europe. They also have a few factories in China and Pakistan where they produced some of their low-budget gear for obvious reasons.

Although they may not be the most traditional boxing brand, they do still have some good gloves to consider. But I found pretty bad reviews online, especially for entry-level glove models that are manufactured in Pakistan.

To be honest with you, one-third of their gloves are just crap, made for only boxing exercises or cardio fitness and not for serious boxing training.

Overall, I wouldn’t say Adidas did a great job in terms of boxing gloves. I mean they are okay but you have loads of other brands that are offering you pretty higher value for your money.

Are Adidas Boxing Gloves Comfortable?

Adidas boxing gloves typically come with foam padding integrated and stitched together with synthetic leather material. Although most of their gloves have a generic design but they manage to offer great comfort to your hands without compromising on the actual performance.

There are many top boxers like Anthony Yarde, Daniel Dubois, and Danny Garcia who preferred Adidas boxing gloves in recent years.

Most of their intermediate and high-end gloves come with thick and firm padding layers that are consistent all across the knuckle area and offer pretty nice protection to your wrist as well as your sparring partner.

Nevertheless, I think the overall quality of these gloves, especially in terms of performance as well as comfort, is definitely a lot better than lots of other brands available online.

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How Long Do Adidas Boxing Gloves Last?

This is another area of disagreement among owners and observers in online forums and other popular boxing websites. Some owners have posted lists of failures in the first few weeks of training. Others have had their Scarab for almost 2 years and had no problems.

On average, Adidas boxing gloves are expected to last for around 1 year, assuming you’re using them 3 times per week and maintaining them properly.

It’s quite easy to find online testimonials related to the longevity of Adidas boxing gloves. Here’s one typical example:

I had a pair of Adidas hybrid 200 PL lace-ups that were the best-feeling gloves I had ever owned. They lasted a year and changed (four Muay Thai fight camps I believe), and I was heartbroken when the foam gave out. I loved them, but I would say they are not the longest-lasting gloves.

Even though the exact average life expectancy of Adidas boxing gloves is a little difficult to ascertain with surety, as most boxers have different expectations based on their own needs, but it is fair to say that Adidas is not the most durable gloves on the market.

What Are The Typical Problems with Adidas Gloves?

While they have not been around long enough in the boxing world for problems to be characterized as typical, there have been some recurring problems related by boxers on some of the forum communities that I am part of.

Some of the popular boxing glove models lack comfort. In particular, the thumb position and gloves’ inner material have been problematic to most boxers.

Personally, I have tried their Hybrid 80 boxing gloves. Definitely, they are not bad, especially considering their price range, but unfortunately, they are not true to their size.

Several boxers also reported cracks in the outer casing of some of their entry-level boxing gloves within months of taking delivery. While it is difficult to gauge how widespread all of these issues are, they characterize the mass-produced nature of these gloves.

Best Alternatives Brands to Adidas Boxing Gloves:

Can You Wash Adidas Boxing Gloves?

The best way to clean your Adidas boxing gloves is by wiping them down with a dry cloth or simply using deodorant to get rid of bad odor. You can ensure their longevity simply by air drying them after every training session.

You can wash your Adidas gloves in the washing machine too but excess exposure to the chemical detergents will make your gloves open to wear and tear. Once the cleaning agent gets soaked into the foam, it dramatically reduces the lifespan of the gloves and damages the outer casing too.

Not just with Adidas boxing gloves, you should never wash any of the professional gloves frequently. A maximum of 2 washes per month will be more than enough, considering you’re training 3 days a week and maintaining your gears properly.

My Final Thoughts on Adidas Boxing Gloves

Overall, Adidas boxing gloves are great in terms of their protection, comfortability, and their stability. They are releasing a wide range of glove models for all levels of boxers and continuously upgrading themselves for customer satisfaction.

Definitely, I don’t like a bunch of their models and I do think they should probably upgrade them or even better remove them from the market altogether.

In conclusion, I would say, Adidas boxing gloves are great in terms of their performance but lack a little in the area of durability and aesthetic design.


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